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Freestyle FAQs Pro v3.7.5

Freestyle FAQs Pro v3.7.5

Saturday, 10 10:59, 1.58 Mb
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Change Log


  • Joomla 3.6 fixes
  • Misc Admin tweaks


  • More PHP 7 fixes


  • Fixes for Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7


  • Kommento plugin fixes


  • Fix issue with breadcrumb trail


  • New CSS override option for quickly outputting css to a faqs page
  • New page template override system to change the components page frame


  • Misc CSS fixes


  • Accordion class tweaks


  • Added internal breadcrumb
  • Added option to show current category at top of listing
  • Option to only show a single faq or category expanded at once in accordion mode
  • Added EMail FAQ option to send link to another user
  • Fixed tag position option
  • Fixed deleted items appearing when logged in as a super user


  • New option to display selected category when in 'view' mode (Ie, when searching, showing most recent etc)


  • New 'FAQs Lite 1.x' template
  • Full breadcrumb support


  • Remove debug information


  • Added full RTL Support
  • Added support for searching FAQ tags when searching for FAQs
  • Prioritize tags and title when searching for FAQs


  • Added Expand and Conrtact all buttons. If using a custom template, it will need updating with the new HTML.
  • Added hashtag links when expanding FAQs so the link can be used to directly link to a faq within an accordion


  • Misc Joomla 3.4 fixes
  • Import and Export of FAQs Pro data set


  • Import data from FAQs Lite and Support Portal
  • Many admin interface fixes and improvements

New in PR6:

  • Fix problems if settings not being applied at all times causing "No Faqs" errors
  • Admin interface fixes

New in PR5:

  • Enable content plugins on FAQs

New in PR4:

  • Fix some things that PR3 broke

New in PR3:

  • File Attachments
  • Ratings