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Freestyle Support Portal BETA

PLEASE NOTE: This is a beta release, and may have issues. Please do not use on a production site without testing first.

Freestyle Support Portal for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 11:55, 1.82 Mb
Download this file to install Freestyle Support Portal on a Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x installation.

Please use the 'Extensions -> Extension Manager' menu on your joomla backend to install this file.

If you are upgrading on Joomla 2.5 or above you can just install this over any existing copy of Freestyle Support and it will be upgraded to the version you have downloaded.
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Change Log
    • Forward to ticket product and handler have new options regarding handler and auto assigning etc
    • If announcement template uses a character limit on body, show read more if needed
    • Allow template parser to limit characters output, ie {body,150} to only output first 150 characters. This applies to all html templates and email templates
    • New ticket delete option in ticket Tools menu
    • Better logging for DB changes
    • Wildcard support for all searches in system. Use * in search to use. Other operators are also allowed (see
    • Missing translations in several places
    • New User list plugins (see in components/com_fss/plugins/userlist/)
    • Attachment file formats can now be entered as a regular expression if needed
    • Profile custom field plugin now supports JomSocial
    • Alert user forwarding to another handler if handler is left unchanged
    • Dont use newlines in canned replys. Fixes format issues under certain conditions
    • Report title translations in permissions screen
    • Fix issue with permissions and large number of products, departments, categories and Joomla user groups not saving correctly
    • Report filter SQL now parses for parameters
      • Added searching to the new profile field
      • New naming on the admin permissions pages to make things easier to follow
      • New SQL custom field with templated output. Run a SQL command, and provide a HTML output template to create your own custom field plugin easily
      • Captcha options for new tickets
      • Can now hide both subject and message when opening support tickets
      • New Help Text for ticket thanks message
      • Fixes to reporting print translations
        • Max upload size settings for ticket attachments (separate settings for users and admins)
        • Limit file types of ticket attachments (separate settings for users and admins)
        • Added {user_id} and {username} to tags available within report SQL
        • Better report SQL errors and debug options
        • Test Email Sending button in settings pages
        • Full SEF/SEO support for entire component
        • Added full address output to user profile plugin
        • New email send options when multiple recipeients : Send as separete emails, or using To: or Bcc:
        • When opening a ticket for a user, if the handler is not the assigned user, add them as CCd so they can view the ticket
        • New GUI pluing system to allow custom html code and output generated through php code within the system
        • GUI Plugin integrations for admin tab bar and tools menus plus a couple of other places
        • Easy profile support for custom field profile plugin
        • Rewrite/refactor of large chunks of code to be cleaner and easier to maintain
        • Lots of tidying up on settings pages
        • >2gb file uploading now works correctly for support tickets
        • Better drag and drop for file uploads
        • Stop forms being submitted while files are uploading
        • Ticket group email settings not being used on open ticket emails
        • Several fixes for the Login/Register page
        • Fix to user ticket pagingation not working
        • Fix missing page count select on admin pages for Joomla 3.3 and above
        • Fix broken icons on editor toolar

          • Can now add aditional users and emails to a ticket via a url when creating for a admin.
          • Reply and close option for users
          • Option to not send closed email when status dropdown is used to close a ticket
          • New file upload system for support tickets including progress bar, drag and drop and multiple file selection (Only for Joomla 3.x)
          • Custom field entries now have magnifying glass icon to search for other tickets with same custom field value
          • My Tickets links now a dropdown allowing greater flexability, can view own tickets, cc'd ticket or specifically assigned to handler ones
          • Autodetect the Bootstrap v3 tempalte setting
          • Detect and warn about iframes being redirect to main window
          • Custom field aliases
          • Full RTL support
          • New option to remove 'create ticket for' links
          • New attachment storage options to allow attachments to be better organized
          • New attachment tools page to reorganize and trim attachments
          • New "Login/Register" menu item type that will redirect to a specified page on regiser or login. Styles same as the open ticket login/register
          • Fix couple of format and value bugs with calendar cf plugin
          • Fix issue with glossary alternate words not displaying correctly
          • Fix issue with overlapping glossary terms not displaying correctly
          • Fix user not being able to add ticket group members to a ticket
          • Removed show date option from announcement module, it is no longer needed.
          • Fix bug with ticket message links with formatting included not displaying correctly
          • Changed how super users are listed as handlers to be consistant everywhere and the "Hide super users from dropdowns" now works in more places
          • Tweaked email import to better get rid of the included previous message
          • Fix problem with tabs on permission pages not properly changed on some setups
          • Can specify default date range for reports by using the lastmonth tag in a daterange filter. Options: blank for last 3 months, lastmonth thismonth lastweek thisweek
          • More bootstrap v3 template tweaks
          • Tweaks to FAQ accordion mode
          • Warn user when too many input variables on permissions pages