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Freestyle Support Portal

Freestyle Support Portal for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

Thursday, 06 August 2015 12:29, 2.28 Mb
Download this file to install Freestyle Support Portal on a Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x installation.

Please use the 'Extensions -> Extension Manager' menu on your joomla backend to install this file.

If you are upgrading on Joomla 2.5 or above you can just install this over any existing copy of Freestyle Support and it will be upgraded to the version you have downloaded.
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Change Log

    • Several small fixes
      • Allow custom field checkboxes and text areas be required
      • Allow custom field to have user defined required text
      • Clarify max file upload sizes
      • Stop email check causing errors
      • Fix report errors
        • Fixed many errors from b1
        • Ticket and ticket message rating system
        • Updated user interface to use new code style
        • Unified template variables so all use same syntax etc
        • Updated all base email templates to HTML
        • Allow ordering of KB Article Attachments by entering manual ordering info
        • Properly truncate cron and email fetch logs based on setting
        • Limit open tickets plugin - can now limit per ticket group as well as user
        • Auto clear email logs option
        • Detect out of office and auto response email replies and ignore them when importing email
        • Allow multiple entries to be linked within a admin url, ie:,2,3
        • Accordion mode when selecting product and department for a ticket (Optional)
        • New ticket wysiwg editor code: [class="alert alert-info"]Content[/class] - Div with class
        • New ticket wysiwg editor code: [sclass="alert alert-info"]Content[/class] - Span with class
        • New ticket wysiwg editor code: [icon]clock[/icon] - IcoMoon / Glyph Icon output
        • All email templates now HTML based instead of text. You can reset to the default template using the "Reset" button when editing a template
        • New option to always show the user reply form within a ticket
        • New option to show the user reply form at the bottom of the message list
        • New option to show messages in reverse order on a ticket for a user
        • Auto clear logs correctly
        • EMails now correctly show the sender and recipient within the text of the email
        • Lots of other bug fixes
        • Fix lessc conflict with other components
        • Fix duplicate insert bug on reply
        • Fix conflict with scripts down when opening a ticket (will also fix issues with other badly written plugins)
        • Improve searching tickets with short terms and allow extra wildcards on short search terms. Can no search for 'Re%' or similar for tickets starting with Re in the subject
        • Advanced search now allows multiple products, departments, categories, status etc to be selected (Joomla 3.4+ only)
        • Skip auto replies and out of office replies when checking for emails for importing to a ticket
        • Auto clear email fetch log after XX days. Can be configured in settings.
        • Pluign 'Limit opened tickets' -> Added option to include all users in group in ticket count
        • Added ability to reorder KB Article attachments
        • Apply "Search: Support non latin text" to FAQs and KB search
        • Open related ticket plugin - Added options to configure what and how it works
        • Fix problem with some bs3 tempaltes and modal popups not working correctly
        • Fix KB links being incorrect sometimes