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19 December 2013, 13:46

JCE Editor - Code not running


I installed Free Style Code Include Lite v1.2.2.1745 on a Joomla 3.1.5 site.  The install did not produce any errors and I can access the component through the components menu.  I added some code to an article using the {code} tags.  It was a line of php to produce a message with echo "This was rendered by PHP code".  I saved the article and refreshed the page on the site. Nothing appreared.  I did add the code through the WSYWIG editor and not to the HTML source.  Any ideas?  Please let me know.  Thank you!

Link showing problem
Freestyle Version
Pro/Lite Lite


19 December 2013, 13:49

Re: JCE Editor - Code not running

Here is an update: including HTML works fine. The PHP include does not work at all.
Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

19 December 2013, 14:07

Re: JCE Editor - Code not running


Do the {code} tags get replaced within the page? If not then the issue is most likley the plugin not being enabled. If this is the case, check the plugin "Content - Freestyle Includes" is enabled.

Can you check you are including the <?php tags around your code. An example would be :

{code}<?php echo "Testing"; ?>{/code}

Can you try the following code chunk in a page on your site please and let me know what it displayed (and if the alert is displayed or not)

alert("Hello from javascript" ) ;
<div style="border: 1px solid red;">Div with border</div>
echo "<div>Hello from php</div>";


Adam Clarke
Freestyle Joomla
Mark Errington

Mark Errington

08 March 2016, 01:01

Re: JCE Editor - Code not running

I understand how this works now. If you paste your code in the source part of the editor it will not work.


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