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Thierry Dumonteil

Thierry Dumonteil

02 July 2014, 16:17

Image field doesn't work


I have installed the latest version of Includes Data Pro.

I use 2 image fields in my template and when I try to choose and image I can not set an image, the select screen is white.

There is no link to show the problem, I use it on our Intranet.

Any answer ?

Thanks. BR, Thierry
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 2.5.20
Freestyle Version
Pro/Lite Pro
Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

03 July 2014, 12:14

Re: Image field doesn't work


Ive attached a new version of Includes: Data for you to try. This version should resolve this issue.

It is a beta version, so please let me know if you find any other issues and I will get them fixed asap.


Adam Clarke
Freestyle Joomla

1.37 MB
Thierry Dumonteil

Thierry Dumonteil

03 July 2014, 14:53

Re: Audit Message


I've tried your update and it works correctly now.

Thanks a lot.


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