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Mini Pooh Mom

Mini Pooh Mom

17 September 2014, 02:06

Pre-sales question

Hi, I am strongly considering Includes: Data for a project I am working on. Before I proceed, let me explain the general nature of my project:

I have a large amount of data (about 700 records) that currently exists in an Excel spreadsheet.

Is there a way I can easily import my Excel spreadsheet into a data set (via csv, e.g.)?

If such an import is not possible, if I import the data into a SQL table, can I pull it into the data set that way?

I want to be able to display this data in my Joomla site, *and* give key individuals the ability to add data via front-end data entry capabilities.

If that is possible, can users perform data entry from the front end (preferably)?

Hope I'm making sense with all of this.

Many thanks!
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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

17 September 2014, 11:08

Re: Pre-sales question


Thanks for your interest in our component.

At the moment, there is no way of importing data from csv etc into the component. We did have some experimental code for this but it proved far too tricky to get a decent interface to the system so was put on hold. The data is stored in a json string within a mysql table, so can only be imported using some code.

Also, we do not have a way of editing data on the frontend of the site via a form entry or similar.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this issue, or any other matter.


Adam Clarke
Freestyle Joomla


22 October 2018, 08:04

Re: Audit Message

Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. I know a lot more. ::P

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