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Brett Vorster

Brett Vorster

31 January 2015, 12:46

Login Register Module in Notice


Is it possible to add a login | Register module into the notice?

Is it possible to have the notice appear only after a user clicks something / anything on the screen or within 1 minute of the site opening?
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Joomla Version 3.3
Freestyle Version Latest
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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

02 February 2015, 09:22

Re: Login Register Module in Notice


The module should be able to be included. If you use the {loadmodule xxx} or {loadposition xxx} content plugins, and ensure that "Prepare Content" is enabled for you notice it should work OK.

We are planning on adding a delay before showing the notice to the component, so I will try to get a new version with this available published in the next week or so.


Adam Clarke
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