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Randy Lisano

Randy Lisano

29 May 2015, 06:57

Search Issue

The search feature on the FAQ's page works just fine, however the site search does not.  I do have the "Search - Freestyle FAQs" and "Search - Freestyle FAQs: FAQs" enabled but no results are returned.
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.4.1
Freestyle Version
Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

29 May 2015, 13:56

Re: Search Issue


Sorry for the naming confusion. One of the plugins is for the FAQs Lite 1.x component, and the other for the v3 release. The one for the v3 release is "Search - Freestyle FAQs".

Can you upload the attached file as plugins\search\fsj_faqs\fsj_faqs.php and it should fix the issue. This fix will be included in the next version released.


Adam Clarke
Freestyle Joomla


2.45 KB
Randy Lisano

Randy Lisano

29 May 2015, 16:27

Re: Audit Message

Thanks!  That fixed it.

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