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Matt Thornfield

Matt Thornfield

21 September 2015, 11:33

Documentation on using SQL?


is there any documentation on how to use the SQL functionality?

I have got the system working with a few records I added manually, but I'd now like to import a large amount of data, which I am guessing will be easiest to do if I insert it into an SQL table? 

Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.3.3
Freestyle Version
Pro/Lite Pro
Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

22 September 2015, 11:40

Re: Documentation on using SQL?


Includes: Data is only for displaying data at the moment (we are working on adding editing data). If you are using SQL to fetch data from a table, you need to insert the data using SQL or similar into the table. You can use something like phpMyAdmin for importing data from something like CSV.


Adam Clarke
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