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Mario Burgo

Mario Burgo

29 September 2015, 14:55

Data Set with parameters


is there a way in an article to call a Data Sets witha aparameters used in a query inside Data Set?


{data example-dataset parameter}

Where parameter is a number.

In the data sets the query is based on parameter
Select field1, field 2 from table1 where field1 = parameter.

Is this possible?

Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.4
Freestyle Version none yet
Pro/Lite Pro
Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

30 September 2015, 14:10

Re: Data Set with parameters


You can do this by adding the paramter to the call, and using the correct tag in your sql. An example would be:

{data users-table fieldname=973}

and you sql would be:

SELECT * FROM #__users WHERE id = {fieldname}

Hope this makes sense


Adam Clarke
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