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Gary Sande

Gary Sande

15 September 2016, 00:32

Freestyle Module Responsiveness

I enabled the Freestyle Plug-ins (see attached for listing of what's installed), and then created a sidebar module to provide a cloud tag module to supplement my menu options for the FAQ section of the site.

On my PC - in full screen view, the module size and content within it fits fine. However, on mobile devices, or even when I reduce the window of my browser to something other than full screen, the browser cuts off part of the module view, effectively truncating the names of the tags and the module title (see attached image).

It doesn't appear that its responsive by itself, so is there anything I can add to the Module Class Suffix or CSS to make it more responsive?

The styling of the tags themselves is very large for the more commonly used tags (which I'm sure is by design) - but I would prefer to make those tag text sizes a bit smaller -  if not outright responsive.

If not responsive, I may need to just go in and downsize manually via CSS.

Any pointers would be appreciated to try and address this. 

Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.6.2
Freestyle Version FAQs Pro v3


74.78 KB


7.81 KB
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

16 September 2016, 21:02

Re: Freestyle Module Responsiveness


These plugins are actually handled by Joomla and are generated by a template so we think that is where the issue may be (with the template) and not with Freestyle.


Harry Shaw
Freestyle Joomla
Gary Sande

Gary Sande

16 September 2016, 21:04

Re: Freestyle Module Responsiveness

ok, thanks. That's good to know. I assumed it was controlled by your software. I can figure out the sizing if its controlled by Joomla. Thanks for the input.

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