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19 November 2016, 10:48

Overall search | inside packages

Maybe I'm overlooking something here, but it would be nice to search for a string and then showing the components which contains this string. At this moment it's searching for a needle in a haystack :(

I translated the whole Freestyle Support System into Dutch, but missing some strings.
As an example: On a KB article page, there is a Rate button, but can't find this in the ini files provided. It would be very handy to enter the phrase: "Rate" in the searchbox, so it searches inside the packages to find out where it's translated. Maybe in this particular case, it's hardcoded (is there a way to find out if it is?) In the source, I found this line:

echo JText::_("Rate");

Does the JText mean that it's translatable in the ini files?
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.6.4
Freestyle Version
Pro/Lite Pro
Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

23 November 2016, 21:08

Re: Overall search | inside packages


Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a global search within ini files, we have tried to do this but it is way to slow to be usable unfortunately. You should be able to add a RATE entry to the bottom of the components ini file when being edited to translate missing entries such as this.


Adam Clarke
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