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Gary Sande

Gary Sande

28 November 2016, 18:44

Tag Links appear in printed FAQ


I have FAQ Pro V3, and have the Tools set to ON, and the Email and Print features turned on. I am able to print an individual FAQ, however, I have the Tags appearing at the top of an FAQ item, and when I print that FAQ, the links to the Tag appear (in parentheis) with the Tag Name. I've attached a screen shot showing those links for each Tag.

I would prefer to suppress those links from showing (but still display the Tags themselves).

If that's not possible, then is it possible to have the links display on the FAQ item, but NOT print when I try to print the FAQ item?

Please advise.
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.6.4
Freestyle Version
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

07 December 2016, 13:44

Re: Tag Links appear in printed FAQ


We've taken a look into this and it will be the template you are using that's causing this error so you will need to contact the template provider about this error.


Harry Shaw
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