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Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

26 December 2016, 22:12

Sorting Glossary Terms

I have Freestyle FAQs Lite 1.11.18 installed on a Joomla 3.6.5 framework.

I've got my Glossary terms entered, with descriptions in the Long Description.

I have two questions.

1. When I fill out the short description, that text as well as the long description is displayed below the term in the list of Glossary terms, but I thought the short descriptions was just for the mouse over action.

2. after putting in 94 terms in the glossary, the follow issues have occurred. Both on the backend listing and the front end (client side) display, item numbers 42, 67,68, 71, 72, 77 and 91 appear first in the list, then items 1,2,3, etc are listed. This is out of alphabetical order, and I don't know how to sort the glossary terms to correct this.
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.6.5
Freestyle Version Lite 1.11.18
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

28 December 2016, 08:48

Re: Sorting Glossary Terms


We have designed our component so that the short description is also displayed, then when you are viewing an FAQ for example you will be able to hover over a word in your glossary and the short description will also appear.

If you select the title at the top of the each column eg Word, Description, Published, then the list will sort itself into that order.


Harry Shaw
Freestyle Joomla
Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

28 December 2016, 09:41

Re: Audit Message

Thank you for your reply. 

I will try to use the short and long descriptions as you have stated.

On the sorting, I am not experiencing what you described, exactly.

When I sort the list by 'word' there are 7 entries that always sort at the top or bottom, out of alphabetical sequence.

However, I have done some more investigating and it appears that each of these words have gotten a stray space placed before the beginning. Having removed that, they are sorting properly now.



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