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Mark Aventino

Mark Aventino

09 May 2017, 08:16

Retrive "field data" from "data entry" with ID=X?

1. Is it possible to retrive only {one field} from {data entry} with ID=X? 
2. Is it possible to retrive only {one data entry} with ID=X from {data set}? 

Now I realise it via SQL data set, but this way I must make separete data set for every data request, and it is not cool, my current SQL code for field selection <SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(`data`, '$.field_alias') FROM `prefiks_fsj_dataincl_data` WHERE `id`=1>. And this code works only on newest msql,  it not flexible for me.
For data entry <SELECT * FROM `prefiks_fsj_dataincl_data` WHERE `id`=1>. I think it possible to specify ID if use parametr, but it is not documented well how to use it. Main purpose to use one {data set} with parametr ID or another way how to place selected data from {data set}.
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.7
Freestyle Version
Pro/Lite Pro
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

12 May 2017, 10:53

Re: Retrive "field data" from "data entry" with ID=X?


Sorry for the delay on this reply.

To get a single field, you just need to use {field_name} in your item template, also in the main page tag, ie {data template} we're confident you can pass an item=XXX parameter.


Harry Shaw
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