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Bob Rynkiewicz

Bob Rynkiewicz

01 August 2017, 13:38

Announcements -- read more


I have a website using Freestyle support.

I can not get the "read more" link in the announcements module to work. I had to put the "continue reading" in the title of the "welcome" announcement.

I have checked Joomla CMS settings for "read more " in content, category, etc.. and made sure that all were set to "show".

Can you suggest anything I might have missed?

Thank You
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.7.4
Freestyle Version latest
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

03 August 2017, 09:22

Re: Announcements -- read more


We're sorry for the delay on this reply.

I have done some testing and have also been unable to show the 'Read More' link. This may be a bug in the system so I will speak to our senior developer and get a fix out as soon as we can!


Harry Shaw
Freestyle Joomla


07 August 2017, 10:52

Re: Audit Message

Great ! I am using Joomla 3.7.4 and great if it work with latest Joomla for security and performance as well!  Cheers!


27 September 2017, 08:55

Re: Audit Message

Hi , I'm new beginning for this site recommend I thank you for everything.


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