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chris buck

chris buck

06 September 2017, 16:14

Adding follow up reminders

Hi this is a little off topic than just your portal which I love and is now the core part of our repair site.

I want to air my idea and struggling to get the right terminology right for what I'm looking to achieve the outcome.

We repair instruments and book in the repairs using the portal.  I'd like to add a drop down menu whereby I can have, a "remind me in 3 months| 6 months| 1 year" kind of thing to send out emails to remind people in the time scale that they are due a service and to re book an appointment?  How would you say is the best way to achieve this? 

Also how can I take once in a ticket view the values currently on screen for example ticket number, and input them into a form that runs in the sidebar - this purpose would be to integrate the tickets into a payment gateway for customers to pay.  

Thank you for your help in advance and sorry my coding level is near nil so struggle to get my head around what I want to achieve.

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Joomla Version 3.7.5
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Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

10 September 2017, 10:50

Re: Adding follow up reminders


We're sorry for the delay on this reply, we have been on holiday and have had limited access.

I have spoken to our senior developer about the email reminder functionality and unfortunately this is a very complicated addition to the system that we do not have the time or resources to include currently. It involves storing which users to email with a certain email template after a certain time period (The further we looked into this the more complicated it became). However follow up emails are something that we understand could be useful so we will add this to the development list as a possibility for future updates.

If you have anymore questions please let us know!


Harry Shaw
Freestyle Joomla
chris buck

chris buck

10 September 2017, 11:09

Re: Adding follow up reminders

Hi Harry, yes I stripped apart what i was looking to achieve into sections and realise that it makes for quite a comprehensive database. I was looking at trying to set up a automatic campaign using acymail etc to send out regular service uodate.

The follow up email would come in really useful for getting feedback on how ticket and services were handled and a reminder to ask for reviews etc.

Thank you for considering this feature for future and look forward to seeing it 

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