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Alex None

Alex None

13 September 2017, 19:22

New features (upgade questions)

First of all thank you for the great extension! We use Support Portal for a two years, we have a few thousand tickets and all works fine. Some of our clients asked where to buy such excellent helpdesk extension) 
Now I have to decide whether or not to update the SP to the new version, because of customizations the update is a little difficult. Our version is
So I have a few needs that have appeared during practical use
1. Some time ago I asked "Is it possible to add feature: 'Create new ticket' module with predefined in backend Prod/Category/Dept? As for me it will be usefull for feedback, quote reguests etc.
Is it possible now? Tthis feature is extremely useful for me.
2. Is it possible to assign manager to ticket group? I use ticket groups as companies and every company need to have personal support manager. All tickets from company members should automatically be assigned to а manager responsible for this group 
3. Is it possible to create report how much time was spent on the support of the particular group over a period of time? Now report only counts the total time for ticket. For example I have a ticket with 3 hours of work in september, 30 and 2 hours in october, 1. Currently in the report for the october will be shown 5 hours, which is incorrect for our purposes, because in october we spent only two hours work on a ticket.
4. Is version compatible with J3.7.X? Is it possible to upgrade Joomla first, then SP?
Link showing problem none
Joomla Version 3.5
Freestyle Version
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

15 September 2017, 10:13

Re: New features (upgade questions)


We're always glad to hear people enjoy using our component, thank you!

1. Unfortunately this still is not possible due to the restrictions a module places on the available functionality.

2. The easiest way to achieve this functionality would be to assign each of your ticket groups certain product(s) (If you haven't already). Then you can assign a ticket handler in the 'Permissions' section of support portal to these product(s) which can in turn be set up to recieve system email whenever a ticket is opened for one of the assigned products.

3. Unfortunately that isn't possible with our report functionality.

4. No I'm afraid those versions would not be compatible, Joomla fixes were made for various later versions.


Harry Shaw
Freestyle Joomla

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