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Abel Bartolome

Abel Bartolome

03 November 2017, 13:05

Link in e-mail to confirm unregistered users' e-mail

One client wants that unregistered users confirm their identity clicking over the link that is sent by Support Portal after register a new ticket.

I made this setting up Support Portal to "change status after first Reply from user", it works fine but user must click over Reply and add some text on subject in order to change status.
I also have rename status to CONFIRMED.

Question is:
Is there any way to add some parameter on the link included in the e-mail sent to user in order to click over it and change automatically status on the ticket whitout need to Reply on the ticket page?
The idea is to check that really the person that has opened the ticket is the owner of the e-mail that he has filled up. 
I'm speaking about Unregistered users, this is why we need this check.

Thank you in advance,

Note: Nevertheless, your application is exceding my expectations, I'm really impressed with it.
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.8.1
Freestyle Version
Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

06 November 2017, 09:08

Re: Link in e-mail to confirm unregistered users' e-mail


Sorry for the delay on this reply.

Unfortunately there is no way to do this with our system, it is designed to have to unregistered users enter some form of validation to see their tickets. 

Sorry for any inconvenience

Harry Shaw
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