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Abel Bartolome

Abel Bartolome

08 November 2017, 08:16

Edit field for users show a pop up or modal window


I've created a text field in a form in order to fill it up with an activation code sent to users by e-mail. That means, after an anonymous user open a ticket, an e-mail is sent to his e-mail address with a special code and user has to come back to ticket an fill the text field up with this code.
This is a way to check or confirm that the user that has opened the ticket is the owner of the e-mail.

My little problem now is that "Edit Field" symbol open a pop up or a modal window and no way to edit or change the value of the field. I've tested in 3 browsers and always the same.
I'll send you a screenshot and the URL that is called from little Edit Field.

URL showed over Edit Field icon:

Maybe link is calling some modal window or something similar in order to fill the text field.

If I can solve this problem I will comply with all client requirements.

Note: I think your software, FreeStyle Support Portal is much better than you show in your web. I think you should increase documentation and update everything about your software because definetly is a great solution and really flexible.
Link showing problem
Joomla Version 3.8.1
Freestyle Version


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Abel Bartolome

Abel Bartolome

08 November 2017, 08:44

Re: Audit Message


I was doing research about the problem and I found that it happends in other Edit Fields, even login as administrator.
Maybe problem comes from the class that the application is using in this <a>. Please have a look to attached screenshot.
Code is:
<a class="pull-right show_modal_iframe padding-left-small" href="/soporte?view=admin_support&layout=field&ticketid=23&tmpl=component&editfield=4">

Maybe if I can find the code and modify class problem is solved.

Thank you in advance,


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Abel Bartolome

Abel Bartolome

09 November 2017, 23:41

Re: Audit Message


I was double checking the problem of editing a Custom Field, for users, with following option for Custom field:
Field permissions:  User can edit and see

If you click over icon Edit Field a new window is opened in Modal but as you can see on the screenshot  style="margin-left: -410px..   then I cann't see the window. If I change on browser debug to margin-leff: -10px then I can see the modal window and change the value.

The other problem that I have is:
User is not able to edit the field. Modal window is showed but no way to edit the field. I'm speaking about a non registered user that has received the e-mail with the ticket and now click over it and want to change this CUSTOM FIELD.
As I told above setting in CUSTOM FIELD is:
      Field permissions: User can edit and see
I can edit it only if a handler is logged in. Handlers can change the CUSTOM FIELD, of course, if I change style="margin-left: to some new value like -10px.

Definitely to finish this project for this client I need your help.

Thank you in advance,


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Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw

12 November 2017, 11:18

Re: Edit field for users show a pop up or modal window


We're very sorry for the delay on this reply.

In the settings for Support Portal there is a 'CSS Overrides' section, have you tried to add the 'margin-leff: -10px' to the overrides section? If this code allows you to see and edit the field then adding this to the overrides section should fix the problem also.

In reply to your feedback about the documentation, we are currently in the process of updating our website so this will be improved in the near future!


Harry Shaw
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