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Knowledge Base - Front-end Content Editing Overview

You can edit most of the content for Freestyle Support on the frontend of your website. To do this the user you are logged in as needs to have permission to do this.

To allow a user to edit content on your website, add the user article creation permissions.

You can link directly to the Content Management section of your site directly from a Joomla menu, or through the ‘Support Main Menu’ under ‘Administraion’

In the content administration section you will be presented with a list of your aticles.


You can choose which content you would like to edit using the tab options, ‘Announcements’, ‘KB Articles’ or ‘FAQs’. Here you are presented with a list of the content the user has authored.


On this list, you will be able to edit existing articles, or create new articles. If the user has ‘Editor’ permissions, all articles will be available in this list. If the user has ‘Publisher’ permissions, then all articles will be listed, and the user will be able to publish and un-publish articles.


For details on creating Announcements, KB Articles and FAQs see the articles below

If the user is a ‘Publisher’ then the Tick and Cross icons can be used to publish or un-publish an article. Just click the icon to change the status.


Editing while browsing

You can also edit articles while browsing them. If the user has sufficient permissions then the edit and/or publish links will be displayed. Unpublished articles that the user has permission to edit will also be displayed with a highlighted background. You can change the background highlight colour in the settings.


The small Edit icon can be used to link directly to the articles edit page, and the Tick and Cross icons can be used to publish or un-published the article if the user has sufficient permissions.

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