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Knowledge Base - Customizing the Support Main Menu

To customize the support main menu, goto the Joomla backend, to 'Components' -> 'Freestyle Support' -> 'Main Menu'


Once here you will be presented with a list of the current menu items on your support main menu.


There are 2 types of menu item available. The first is the built in menu items that link to the different parts of the Freestyle Support Portal system. These menu items cannot be deleted, nor can you create new ones. To hide one from the menu, simply click the published icon to unpublish the menu item. The 'Administration' and 'Group Admin' menu items will only me displayed to users who have permission to perform those tasks.

The other type of menu is a custom menu, which allows a new icon on the support main menu to be created linking to any part of your site.

Hiding menu items

To hide a menu item, you can use the 'Publish' feature. To unpublish an item, simply click on the green published icon, and that menu item will become unpublished, and no longer visible on the support main menu. To replublish an item to make it visible again, click the red unpublished icon.

Editing an existing menu

If you click the menu items title, you will be able to edit the text and image associated with the menu item.


The following fields are available:

  • Title - This is the title of the menu item
  • Description - This is a full HTML description that is displayed underneath the icon (or at the side depending on the visual settings).
  • Image - This is the image that is displayed on the button. The images are taken from the images/fss/menu/ folder on your site. The included images for menu items are transparent png files, 128px by 128px.
When editing a built in menu, the following extra field is available:
  • Menu Item - (Only for built in menu items) This is the Joomla menu item that the button will link to. Freestyle Support will attempt to automatically decide which is the best menu item to link to, but if it is unable to do so, then you will be presented with a list of which menu items on your site match the type of menu you are editing. there will usually not be an option presented here unless you have multiple joomla menu items of the specific type on your site.

If you are creating or editing a custom menu item, then the following extra field is available:

  • Link - This is the url that the menu item will link to.
Creating a custom menu item

When viewing the list of support main menu items, click the new button to be presented with a form to create a new custom menu item.


You will need to specify a link to a page on your site that the menu item will link to. The example image will link to/mylink on your site.


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