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Knowledge Base - What modules and plugins are available

Freestyle Support provides many additional moudles and plugins for your usage. An overview of them is follows. Please click the links by after each item for a more detailed description of each one.


A module to display the latest announcements on your site.


FAQ/KB category/product listing

A module to display FAQ Categories, KB Categories, and KB Products.

kb-cats kb-prods qs-2

Knowledge base product info

A module to display extra information text about a product while browsing your knowledge base.



A module to display testimonials on your website. 


Admin Overview

Displays a brief overview for a ticket handler or moderation as to what tasks they have been assigned.


Custom Text

A module for displaying custom text at various places within the FAQs and KB system.


Search Plugins

Freestyle Support Portal provides Joomla search plugins to allow you web sites search box to search the various Freestyle sections at the same time as the rest of your website. There are search plugins available for Announcements, FAQs and Knowledge Base articles.

Cron Plugin

A plugin to allow the automation of task on your site. At the moment this is used to automatically close tickets after a certain ammount of time, and for the tickets by email system.

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Support Portal

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