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Knowledge Base - Announcements Module

This is a module provided to list your Announcements in a module position on your site.


To add this module to your website, goto the Joomla backend, under 'Extensions' -> 'Module Manager'.


Once here, you will be presented with the module manager.


Click on the 'New' button here, and choose to add a 'Freestyle Support: FAQ/KB category/product listing' module.


Once you have selected your module, you will be given the options for your module. As with any joomla module, you will need specify a title for the module, a position, and what pages it will appear on.


Possible Options
Basic Options
  • Which Announcements - Choose which announcements you would like to display
    • All Published - Display all of the announcements you have published in the module
    • Most Recent - Display a limited number of the most recent announcements
  • Number of recent announcements to display - How many announcements would you like to display in 'Most Recent' mode.
  • Maximum Height - Use this to specify a limited height in pixels for the module. If this is left to 0, then the module will size to the content. If this is specified and the size of the modules content is larger, then the list of announcements will scroll back and forth.
  • Click the announcement for more details - Can the announcement title be click to view the full announcement
  • Show date - Should the date that the announcement has been published on be displayed in the module.
  • Show More Announcements button - Should the 'More Announcements' button be displayed in the module. This button will link to the main announcements page on your site.

For help relating to other Freestyle Support modules, please use the link below

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