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Knowledge Base - Version Numbers

When opening a support ticket on, you will be asked to enter the version number for both the Freestyle component you are using, and the Joomla version you are using.

We do not do this to be akward, it is genuinely usefull in determining a solution to your issue.

Joomla Version Number

Please include the full version numbers, and entering a Joomla version such as '3' is doesnt really mean anything, as there are major differences between Joomla 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. There are also differences between sub-versions, ie, 3.1.0 has some bugs we know about that effect our componet that are fixed in 3.1.1.

Go to the "System" -> "System Information" menu. The version is listed as "Joomla! Version".

Freestyle Component Version

The same applies to the Freestyle version. Including the complete version number, ie, allow us to locate the exact copy of the component you are using, making tracking down problems much easier.

For Freestyle Support, FAQs, and Testimonials, you can find the version number by going to the "Components" -> "Freestyle Support" (or FAQs / Testimoinals) -> "Overview" menu. On the right hand side in the "Version" tab, there is the text "Currently Installed Version" with the version number listed along side.
For any other Freestyle component, it is a bit tricky at the moment. Goto "Extensions" -> "Extension Manager". Goto the "Manage" section, and search for components with the name "Freestyle" (use the filter box). The component you are submitting a ticket for should be listed with its version number.
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