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15 November 2017

New Support Portal Version Now Available!

This update includes new features and fixes such as:

  • Update google map custom field plugin to latest maps version (Also fixes a few errors)
  • Option to add fixes for artisteer templates
  • Fix a few inconsistent form styles
  • Fix next and prev buttons on ticket
  • Fix user CC search
  • Fixes for advanced search on Joomla 2.5
  • Misc missing language strings

Version can be accessed in the downloads section of our site!

15 November 2017

Support Portal

The new version of Support Portal includes:

  • Tidied up product and department selection when opening ticket
  • New access level option for accessing support and new tickets (Fine grained permissions for this are available in Permissions still)
  • Several misc fixes
  • Fix bootstrap / less issues
  • Option to only all group users to view tickets allocated to the groups products
  • Use Joomla plugin for recaptcha key if none specified
15 November 2017

Translation Manager gets an update!

Version bring some new features and fixes that are listed below:

  • Large performance increases when editing large files
  • Added "Save & Publish" and "Save, Publish and Close" buttons
  • Option to save filename within a package so the package download will use your custom  filename each time
  • Download link for each ini file
  • Notify user when missing language code mapping
  • Added publish to file option
  • Can now specify update url in the package
  • Better error messages when publishing multiple files at once
  • Fix ] in header sometimes
  • Fix encoding issue with some texts being auto translated
  • Several small fixes
15 November 2017

Support Portal Fixes!

Version just includes a few fixes from the previous Support Portal version.

  • Fix css/less issues with some gantry v5 templates
  • Glossary content plugins now work on search results
  • Glossary search plugin not respecting access level, published and language tags
15 November 2017

Support Portal Version

Here is the new version of Support Portal, new features and fixes have been added to the component including:

  • Option Search FAQs and KB when opening a ticket
  • Access level on custom fields (affects users only), allows hiding of fields for certain users
  • New Price / currency custom field entry
  • Options to configure how closed tickets getting email replies behave - can either re-open, open new ticket or ignore the email
  • Glossary alt words on frontend content edit
  • Option to not cc handler when opening ticket for user
  • Improved KB search
  • Improved FAQ search
  • Add support for onContentBeforeDisplay triggers for FAQs, KB, Glossary etc content plugins
  • New Plugin "Default Handler Preferences" to allow setting of the default ticket handler prefs. Also allows all users prefs to be reset.
  • EMail old handler when ticket forwarded
  • Custom print layouts now work with batch printing
  • New rating custom field plugin
  • Better email trim config
  • Fix issue with email replies not being correctly assigned when from a handler
  • Fix some users not being able to reply to a ticket via email (when cc'd etc)
  • Fix display of attachments and tags in ticket list
  • Fix several IE 11 issues
  • Fix caching issues
  • Fix user not being able to cc other users correctly
  • Fix user not being able to reply to unregistered ticket correctly
  • Fix unreg ticket being accessesd by reference being read only
  • Fix permissions on parsed css files when saving settings if needed (doesnt always work, will only change if permission to). This fixes issues with files being marked as read only etc.
  • Custom fields set to unregistered user only or registered users only are not correclty hidden on the admin interface when not needed
  • Fix un categorized kb articles from not showing in search
15 November 2017

More Support Portal Fixes!

A few more fixes of some bugs found in the system, these fixes are:

  • Fix unreg message
  • Fix merge ticket notices
  • Fix shortcut links

This can be found in the downloads section of our site!

15 November 2017

Support Portal Fixes

This latest version fixes some bugs found in the previous version (

  • Fix several plugins
  • Fix several bugs
15 November 2017

Support Portal Fixes

Version is a fix for the search issues on admin tickets not always working correctly in the previous version.

This can now be accessed in the downloads section of our site!

15 November 2017

Support Portal

The new version of our popular Support Portal component is here!

See changelog for version below:

  • Improved ticket sorting for users
  • Can now create user when opening ticket for registerd user
  • Fix inline images posted with size not being properly converted to attachments
  • Fix wrong custom field being output in email template
  • Fix messagehistory tag in email template not working
15 November 2017

SQL Manager Update!

Version includes: 

This now available in the downloads section of our site!


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