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Announcements - Changes to Freestyle Joomla

Administrator @ 04 August 2010

Here at Freestyle Joomla, we are currently working very hard on new features for the release of Version 2.0 of Freestyle Support Portal.

Many of you have requested certain features and improvements that will increase the effectiveness of Freestyle Support Portal - so we have taken on board all your comments and are working them into the next release.

We are aiming to release Version 2.0 around the end of September 2010. We have a huge list of additional features for all 5 modules in Freestyle Support Portal.

New Changes

Upon releasing Version 2.0 of Freestyle Support Portal, Freestyle Joomla will now provide support for one year for one domain. It will be possible to purchase a version with unlimited support for unlimted domains for a slightly higher cost. Version 2.0 of Freestyle Support Portal with support for one year for one domain will remain at $29.95.

We are doing this because of the amount of features we are putting in the new version - we believe that Joomla extensions should be feature rich, and as Freestyle Support Portal has essentially got 5 Joomla extensions in one, this is a logical way forward.

We will also be releasing a Freestyle Support Portal Pro with even more features following the same structure - support for one domain for one year, or unlimited support for unlimited domains at a slightly higher cost.

Current Customers

Current customers will continue to have unlimited support and free upgrades for life as they have already purchased Freestyle Support Portal.

New Customers

New customers between now and the release of Version 2.0 at the end of September will also receive free upgrades for life.

We hope that you can appreciate the reasoning for this change and are as excited as us for the new release which will have tonnes of new features! Freestyle Joomla will continue to work very hard to provide extensions at a fantastic cost that are feature rich, powerful and flexible.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Freestyle Joomla Team


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