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Announcements - Freestyle Support Portal v1.7.0 released

Administrator @ 16 November 2010

We have just released version 1.7.0 of Freestyle Support Portal.

New features in the release include...

  • Knoweledge Base Joomla! search plugin
  • FAQs Joomla! search plugin
  • Announcements Joomla! search plugin
  • Most Recent / Most Viewed / Highest rate Knoweledge base articles
  • Store information about how many views each KB Article has
  • Created and Updated date on KB articles
  • Improvements to the KB admin pages
  • Related KB articles
  • New Glossary of terms section
  • Highlight glossary items when viewing FAQs and KB articles
  • Improved install and uninstall system that should retain all your modules and menu items during an upgrade

We are still working hard on Freestyle Support version 2, but it is taking longer than anticipated due to the vast ammount of new features being added. Due to this delay we have decided to release some of the new features early. We are merging the code bases to the Lite modules into the main support component so it means that these will be getting regular updates along with the main support component.

Along with Freestyle Support v2, we are adding several other version of our products, along with our existing ones...

  • Freestyle Support Portal Pro (Many extra professional level support portal features. This will be a free upgrade to all existing customers)
  • Freestyle Knoweledge Base Pro (Stand alone version of the Knoweledge base from Support Portal)
  • Freestyle FAQs Pro (Stand alone version of the FAQs from Support Portal)
  • Freestyle Live Chat (Live support chat module, will be included in Support Portal Pro)
  • Freestyle Shout Box (free shout box for your site)
  • Freestyle Gallery (image lightbox gallery plugin, another free component)

The gallery, shout box, and live chat will be released later, after our core Support Portal and KB/FAQs components have been released. We also have several other joomla components that we would like to work on once the above has been completed.

We are also considering releasing the new development toolkit that we have created for version 2 of our products. This include auto generation of admin pages, built in settings, modules for user permissions, user posted comments, captcha support, and many many more components that a developer could use to create their own components. If you are interested in this please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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