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Announcements - Freestyle Support Portal 1.8.4 Released

Administrator @ 11 May 2011
1.8.4 Fixes
FIX: Menus sometimes getting reordered when doing a "Validate Menus" in Joomla 1.6.2+
FIX: Ticket Groups working correctly when table prefix is not jos
FIX: Products when opening new ticket with no images now display correctly
FIX: Search plugins now work correclty with Joomla 1.6
FIX: Content plugins not working correctly in Joomla 1.6
Support for custom register links in support tickets
Ticket EMail Account: Unpublish now correctly disabled the account
Ticket EMail Account: Added logging to checks
FSS Cron can now be called using a web link - http://yoursite/index.php?option=com_fss&view=cron
Autoclose Cron no longer losing interval setup
Ability to view a log of what cron jobs have occured


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