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Announcements - New version released! v1.9.0.1254

Adam Clarke @ 08 February 2012

We have released a new version of several of our products. Freestyle Support Portal, Freestyle FAQs and Freestyle Testimonials have all been updated.

The new versions can be obtained from our downloads section as usual, or if you are using Joomla 1.6 or above, through the auto component update.

We have changed the way the javascript on the components works, and it will now work correctly with the recent templated from places such as YooTheme, RocketTheme and several others. The recent jQuery issues have been caused due to some templates forcing the inclusion of jQuery only once on your site (a good thing). Freestyle used a customized version that would not conflict with any other javascript frameworks. Both the templates forcing only one jQuery, and our customized version both were trying to accomplish the same thing of not having your javascript libraries conflict with each other.

Freestyle now uses the same method that the template creators are using for its jQuery inclusion, so will now work correclty with all templates available.

Also, for Freestyle Support, we have added more visible checks for mod_imap being available on your server. mod_imap is required for the tickets by email system to function, and some users were having issues due to this.

Other changes:

  • Ability to search for tickets with a date range
  • Can now change the tickets category
  • Several other bug fixes


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