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Announcements - Freestyle Products v1.9.1 released

Adam Clarke @ 21 March 2012

We have just released which fixes compatability problems when multiple Freestyle components are installed at the same time.


New Releases Available!

  • Freestyle Support
  • Freestyle FAQs
  • Freestyle Testimonials

New Features:

  • Plugins for support custom fields (some examples and documentation will be available in the next week or so)
  • Can now change the product on a ticket
  • Cron log now auto trims to reasonable size (based on setting)
  • Support ticket printing
  • Allow unknown email addresses to reply to a support ticket option
  • Many bug fixes
  • FAQ Tags

The features that are relevant to FAQs and Testimonials will also apply to those products.

Joomla Version Support

Due to the recent security problems with Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5, we have decided to drop support for the older, less frequently patched versions of Joomla, and from now on we will be primarily supporting Joomla 2.5 only.

Joomla 1.5 will still be supported within the product, but will no longer be extensivly tested for bugs. There may be the odd feature that ends up being Joomla 2.5 only, but at the moment, the 1.5 and 2.5 version of the Freestyle products are currently identical feature wise.

Freestyle In The Future

We have been very busy with non Freestyle Joomla commitments recently, so unfortunatly the long awaited v2 has been making very little progress.

Due to this we have decided to start adding some of the things that have already been created for v2 into the 1.9.x versions. We have already done this in some of the previous versions, but we are planning a much wider set of features being copied into 1.9.x.

The plan for the features to be copied, or created from scratch are as follows:

Version 1.9.2:
  • Premade ticket replies
  • KB Tags
  • Better interface for editing FAQ and KB tags
  • Improvements and updating of the custom field plugins, including several example plugins that integrate with other software
  • Custom Field plugin support for Testimonials/Comments to allow the integration of things like user avatars, along with other possibilities
Version 1.9.3:
  • Support for custom status types
  • Ticket reporting
Version 1.9.4:
  • Products and departments will be able to be set to allow only specific sets of users to open tickets for them. This will use our plugin architecture to allow additional integrations with other software (eg, allowing a customer to only open tickets for products that they have purchased through virtuemart on your site)
  • Several planned UI improvements on the ticket admin side
Version 1.9.5:
  • Live KB/FAQ search when creating a ticket
  • Better linking to site content from the support ticket replies
  • HTML support for support ticket replies

So this is the current plan. It may change, and things are very liklely to be shuffled around, and extra things added. Timescale wise, things are uncertain, but we are hoping for 2-3 weeks for each new version depending on available time.

Once this lot has been added to v1.9, we will be back working on v2, which fixes many of the core issues with the product in terms of both development, and from a user perspective.


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