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Announcements - Smart Search and New Modules

Adam Clarke @ 07 August 2012

We have just released v1.9.1.1392. This new version has several new features.

Included is the newly created Smart Search plugins for Joomla 2.5 users to integrate Knowledge base, FAQs and Announcement searching into their sites.

The FAQs section has also has some nice new features added, including a new "Featured FAQs" section so you can highlight some of your important faqs, and a new module for listing FAQs. We have also added a module for listing KB Articles.

Only minor changes to the support system for this release, the main change being email notifications on a ticket being closed.

The standalone Freestyle FAQs product will be updated with the new changes shortly.

Please see the change log kb article for a complete list of changes.

I know we published a "Plan for the future" in a new article a few months back, and we have not really stuck to what the plan was due to various reasons. Rest assured that development on Freestyle Support, and our other upcoming Joomla products is still progressing (although slower than we would have liked due to other commitments). More time has been available for development recently so the pace has increased a little, and quite soon we will be back to being focused soley on Freestyle Joomlas components and extensions full time.

I will get a new plan outlined and published as soon as we have worked out the best approach going forward with what we want to do with our products.


Adam Clarke
Freestyle Joomla Lead Developer


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