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Announcements - Freestyle Support, FAQs and Testimonials new versions

Adam Clarke @ 11 February 2013

VERSION 1.10 Available now!

We have released v1.10 versions of Freestyle Support Portal, Freestyle FAQs Lite, and Freestyle Testimonials Lite. They can be found in the download area.

Changelog (For Freestyle Support, but a lot applies to Testimonials and FAQs too)

  • Multiple language support has been enabled through all parts of the component (Translations not currently available for Custom Fields, these are still being worked on and will be available soon)
  • Full Joomla access level restrictions are now enabled through all parts of the component
  • Settings from the Joomla menus are now also available in a new "View Settings" section on the backend so settings can be changed without needing a menu item for each individual section
  • Support Ticket status are now fully customizable
  • Ticket attachments that are images can now be viewed in browser
  • Testimonials and comments are now paginated
  • Announcements use the same templating system as comments so the html can now be easily customized
  • Ticket attachment filename can be customized to include the username and date
  • Tighter security regarding the tickets and attachments that users and handlers can view
  • Fix "Model class fsssModelSettings not found in file" error when K2 is installed
  • Reset views and ratings for KB articles
  • Settings to allow ticket handlers to view messages in oldest to newest order (in the "My Settings" page within the support admin view)
  • FAQs default view mode is now accoridan instead of popup
  • KB default view mode now accordian when listing articles in a category
  • Customizable date and datetime formats in settings
  • Timezone used within freestyle support can now be tweaked in the settings page
  • When creating an account on the site any unregistered tickets from the user will be appended to that account automatically
  • Plugins and modules no longer cause fatal errors if main component is not installed
  • Announcement can now be sorted in reverse order on Joomla backend
  • Fixes for incorrect links when using multiple language menus
  • Glossary content plugin can now exclude certain content on your site
  • Fixed a bug where kb categories were displayed incorrectly when nested
  • Settings pages will now remember previously selected tab upon saving
  • Default per page setting for each places pages are used
  • Lots of other small bug fixes

We have made every effort to ensure that are no bugs, but with such a large change they are inevitable. Please let us know by opening a support ticket about any issues you have.

Freestyle v2

We haven't forgotten about this and we are still working on version 2 of our products. Due to the time this is taking we decided to implement the most requested features in the current 1.x version of the product. There are lots of new features to come, watch this space! Until then we plan to add more requested features to the most up to date version over the coming weeks - if what you would like isn't there then let us know - chances are it's on its way.

We like to keep you updated with what's going on - we will post more details on the plans soon.


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