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Announcements - Freestyle Support Portal v2.0.8.1815 available

Adam Clarke @ 28 February 2014

A new version of Freestye Support Portal has been publisehd in our downloads section.

The Changelog is as follows:
  • New reporting options for grouping and totals
  • Unregistered ticket notification emails now contain a link direct to the ticket instead of requiring password and email
  • Fix time taken popup on certain tempalates
  • Fix modals on some gantry derived tempaltes with odd z-index settings
  • Fix utf-8 characters in draft replys
  • Pagination on adding users to groups on backend works correctly now
  • Saving ticket permissions for groups now works correctly.
  • Confirm imported tickets from email can now be correctly disabled
  • Reports exported to CSV now display UTF-8 correctly
  • Fixed test dates button in settings to take into account the current timezone setting
  • KB Accordion now works correctly with 3 layers or more of nested categories
  • Experimental multi column faq category responsive layout


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