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Announcements - Freestyle Support v2.1 updates

Administrator @ 18 March 2014

We have spent the last week working on v2.1 of Freestyle Support Portal. Lots of new features have been added so far, and here is a quick preview of some of the things that have been added:

  • Improved time tracking and display
  • Intergation with JComments
  • WYSIWYG Editor styling options
  • Ticket merging
  • Print multiple tickets at once

Some of the things that will get added (many more on our list too):

  • Announcements email notifications
  • FAQs, KB and Announcement RSS Feeds
  • Unregistered user ticket captacha
  • Ticket handler out of office system (forward all assigned tickets etc)
  • Glossary authors
  • Related tickets
  • Improved email import of tickets
  • API examples
  • Simple open ticket form (eg, for use as a quick "Contact Us" form)
Hopefully all of these features will make the v2.1 release, but if they dont, v2.2 will follow soon afterwards. The plan is to release v2.1 in a few weeks time, with whatever features are complete by then, and the rest will get added to v2.2 etc.


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