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Announcements - Support Portal v2.2 is now available

Administrator @ 26 September 2014

We have now released v2.2 of Freestyle Support Portal. It can be found in our downloads section.

The changelog for this release is listed below.

+ Can now delete ticket messages
+ Ticket list auto refresh will now refresh counts in tabs when viewing a ticket (admin only)
+ Added warning when running on php 5.2 or below - component needs 5.3 or greater to function
+ Warning message when posting admin reply with missing message
+ Can now assign tickets with no matching handlers to a fallback hander
+ Option to allow super users to be completely hidden from handler selects
+ Community builder custom field plugin
+ Can now search custom fields in ticket admin
+ Per user custom fields can now be searched
+ Can now hide custom fields from registered users, unregistered user or admins
+ Warnings when set up as default menu item
+ Warning on page when jQuery libraries are overwritten by another component
+ Better labelled permissions entries
+ Hide permissions not relevant depending on what is selected
+ Adding handler to unassigned ticket will assign that handler to the ticket
+ Show canned replies when opening a ticket for a user
+ When opening a ticket for a user, attachments are now sent in the notification email
+ Added totals row to most reports in system
+ Highliht messages from email imports
+ Read more button on truncated testimonials to display rest of text
+ Can add an email address as a ticket cc
+ Batch printing of tickets
+ Insert Site Links now plugin based, so can include content from any part of your system. Plugins for joomla article, FAQ and KB Article are included
+ Files in views/view/snippet folder can now have template overrides with the prefix snippet. Eg override components\com_fss\views\admin_support\snippet\_ticket_info.php with templates\TEMPLATE\html\com_fss\admin_support\snippet_ticket_info.php
+ Can now view password for unregistered tickets on admin interface
+ User ticket search now searches custom fields
+ Bootstrap 3 compatible vastly improved
+ When opening a ticket for a user, a note is added detailing the admin who opened the ticket
+ FAQs and KB Articles modules can now be paginated
+ Ticket time can be entered as start and end times
+ User profile and Community Builder Profile field plugins can now be searched
+ User ticket search will also search custom fields
+ Select user form - searching will now search per user custom fields for that user as well as name, username and email
# Fixes when checking emails with Re[2]:
# Fix support for pasted images in support messages
# Fix "Check All" when adding users to a group
# Fix issues with | in ticket messages from not displaying correctly
# HTML content in emails now sent correctly
# Fix issues with pagination on "My Tickets" links
# Several fixes and tweaks to ticket search
# Hidden categories with alt category selection enabled stopping ticket from being opened
# Fixed issue with required custom field but not being displayed stopping ticket from being opened
# Enter an advanced search field now properly submits advanced search instead of basic search
# User posting a file to a ticket with no message will now trigger notification email and status updates
# Fix missing attachment name when posted as an unregistered user
# When changing product or department of a ticket, option to keep existing handler
# Fix encoding issues with editing ticket messages
# Fix long KB Article printing issues
# Fix translation for x days ago etc
# Fix bug with testimonials product dropdown not being displayed correctly sometimes


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