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Announcements - Version 1.5 Released

Administrator @ 09 April 2010

All versions of Freestyle Joomla products updated to v1.5

We have updates all our products to v1.5 and are pleased to announce the following changes:

Freestyle Support Portal
  • Allow message to be sent only to the new ticket handler when forwarding a ticket as well as the usual message to the user.
  • View the previous ticket messages while replying to a ticket.
  • Optionally allow unregistered users to create a support ticket.
  • Custom fields now editable when viewing a ticket.
  • Permissions on custom fields, can be editable by user, visible to user and editable by handler, or just visible to handler.
  • Handler can create ticket for a user.
  • Forward ticket to a different user.
  • Customizable front page.
  • Can now add extra icons to the support main page for your own content.
  • Bug fixes regarding the email system
  • Removed a few stray debug messages from the code.
Freestyle FAQs Lite
  • Misc bug fixes
Freestyle Testimonals Lite
  • Fixed bugs relating to user management features of the component.
We have decided to skip a couple of version numbers for the Lite modules to keep everything inline with Freestyle Support Portal, so dont worry about missing a few versions!


Please click here to see detailed features of Freestyle Support Portal.

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