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03 December 2010

Freestyle Support Portal v1.7.3 BETA version

We have released a bug fix version of Freestyle Support Portal.

This is a BETA upgrade. This may break some things. It is testing a new way of processing some of the links within the component that hasnt been widely tested.

Fixed in this version:

  • Refresh ticket link broken with SEF
  • New linking system used on modules and the ticket menus. This will maintain the current joomla menu selection or move it to the correct one if its available, instead of the old way of sometimes losing the menu selection.
  • Compatability issues with JDownloads
  • HTML EMail fixes, properly format the message when outputting as html email
  • Fix layout issue with support ticket admin on some templates with IE

Added features:

  • Setting for FAQ popup size
  • Option to limit characters displayed in the testimonial on the module
  • Option to hide the create and modified details on KB articles
  • Option to hide the delete ticket links


Freestyle Joomla Team

25 November 2010

Bugfix Support Portal 1.7.2 releases

We have released a bug fix release of Freestyle Support Portal.

Changes are listed below

  • Fix HTML Emails not being saved correctly
  • Improved editor for email, HTML emails now use WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed problems caused by mysqli
  • Updated FAQ accordian code, will now scroll the window to the expanded item when it is off screen
  • Several testimonals fixes
  • Search plugins not registering correctly on upgrade
  • Fixed broken image link in support when no product image selected
  • Several small fixes


Freestyle Support Dev Team

19 November 2010

Installation Issues


Sincere apologies to all affected. It seems some customers are having install issues with the v1.7.0 of Freestyle Support Portal. We have released a fixed version, v1.7.1 that should fix these problems.

Freestyle Joomla

16 November 2010

Freestyle Support Portal v1.7.0 released

We have just released version 1.7.0 of Freestyle Support Portal.

New features in the release include...

  • Knoweledge Base Joomla! search plugin
  • FAQs Joomla! search plugin
  • Announcements Joomla! search plugin
  • Most Recent / Most Viewed / Highest rate Knoweledge base articles
  • Store information about how many views each KB Article has
  • Created and Updated date on KB articles
  • Improvements to the KB admin pages
  • Related KB articles
  • New Glossary of terms section
  • Highlight glossary items when viewing FAQs and KB articles
  • Improved install and uninstall system that should retain all your modules and menu items during an upgrade

We are still working hard on Freestyle Support version 2, but it is taking longer than anticipated due to the vast ammount of new features being added. Due to this delay we have decided to release some of the new features early. We are merging the code bases to the Lite modules into the main support component so it means that these will be getting regular updates along with the main support component.

Along with Freestyle Support v2, we are adding several other version of our products, along with our existing ones...

  • Freestyle Support Portal Pro (Many extra professional level support portal features. This will be a free upgrade to all existing customers)
  • Freestyle Knoweledge Base Pro (Stand alone version of the Knoweledge base from Support Portal)
  • Freestyle FAQs Pro (Stand alone version of the FAQs from Support Portal)
  • Freestyle Live Chat (Live support chat module, will be included in Support Portal Pro)
  • Freestyle Shout Box (free shout box for your site)
  • Freestyle Gallery (image lightbox gallery plugin, another free component)

The gallery, shout box, and live chat will be released later, after our core Support Portal and KB/FAQs components have been released. We also have several other joomla components that we would like to work on once the above has been completed.

We are also considering releasing the new development toolkit that we have created for version 2 of our products. This include auto generation of admin pages, built in settings, modules for user permissions, user posted comments, captcha support, and many many more components that a developer could use to create their own components. If you are interested in this please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Freestyle Joomla

11 November 2010

Changes to the Forum


Due to the ammount of spam we are getting in the forum, and no matter what we try, we cant seem to get rid of it all, we are temporarily closing the forums.

This is only a short term measure until a good anti-spam solution can be found. If anyone know of a decent way of stopping spam on a joomla / phpBB forum please let us know. Once a solution is found the forum will be reopened.

If you have any support queries or require any assistance during this time, please open a support ticket and we will answer you questionas soon as possible.

Many Thanks

Freestyle Joomla Admin Team

10 November 2010

Bugfix Support Portal 1.6.4 releases

This is a bug fix release to fix problems with saving email templates that stops the saving depending on what editor you are using.

Freestyle Support Portal v2 has been a little delayed as we really want to do things right, so please hang on while things are finnished. Hopefully it wont me too much longer.


05 October 2010

Freestyle Support Portal v1.6.3 released


We have just released v1.6.3 of Freestyle Support Portal. This fixes several bugs including the ordering not working on the FAQ admin listing, and you can now put the support main menu as a homepage item.


Adam Clarke

19 August 2010

Freestyle Support Portal v1.6.2 available

Version 1.6.2 of Freestyle Support Portal has been released.

This is a bug fix version and fixes the following problems:

  • Unregistered users creating support tickets now have users name in tempalte
  • Some support attachments were not downloading properly
  • Javascript error on Knoweledge base for certain settings
  • Javascript error on Ticket creating for certain settings
  • Missing HTML close tag in open ticket
  • Custom ticket fields now save correctly when translation has been used.
Freestyle Joomla Team
04 August 2010

Changes to Freestyle Joomla

Here at Freestyle Joomla, we are currently working very hard on new features for the release of Version 2.0 of Freestyle Support Portal.

Many of you have requested certain features and improvements that will increase the effectiveness of Freestyle Support Portal - so we have taken on board all your comments and are working them into the next release.

We are aiming to release Version 2.0 around the end of September 2010. We have a huge list of additional features for all 5 modules in Freestyle Support Portal.

New Changes

Upon releasing Version 2.0 of Freestyle Support Portal, Freestyle Joomla will now provide support for one year for one domain. It will be possible to purchase a version with unlimited support for unlimted domains for a slightly higher cost. Version 2.0 of Freestyle Support Portal with support for one year for one domain will remain at $29.95.

We are doing this because of the amount of features we are putting in the new version - we believe that Joomla extensions should be feature rich, and as Freestyle Support Portal has essentially got 5 Joomla extensions in one, this is a logical way forward.

We will also be releasing a Freestyle Support Portal Pro with even more features following the same structure - support for one domain for one year, or unlimited support for unlimited domains at a slightly higher cost.

Current Customers

Current customers will continue to have unlimited support and free upgrades for life as they have already purchased Freestyle Support Portal.

New Customers

New customers between now and the release of Version 2.0 at the end of September will also receive free upgrades for life.

We hope that you can appreciate the reasoning for this change and are as excited as us for the new release which will have tonnes of new features! Freestyle Joomla will continue to work very hard to provide extensions at a fantastic cost that are feature rich, powerful and flexible.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Freestyle Joomla Team

23 July 2010

Version 1.6.1 of Freestyle Support Portal Released!

Version 1.6.1 of Freestyle Support Portal has now been released fixing a minor bug with the box surrounding the Knowledge Base comments section.

ALSO: Look out for Version 1.7 coming soon with lots of new features for the ticket support section, knowledge base and FAQ sections.

We will email all customers when this new version is released within the next month.


Freestyle Joomla Team


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