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Knowledge Base - Ticket Email Accounts

This feature allows you to set up an email account which automatically generates a new support ticket, or updates an existing support ticket when a user sends an email to the specified address.

During configuration the main details you will need to supply/set are as follows:

  ·         Account Name

  ·         Server address

  ·         Server type (IMAP recommended, POP3 also available)

  ·         Port

  ·         Username/password

You can then customise areas within the Ticket Email Account such as who you allow tickets from (registered user or anyone), how users’ emails are handled after they are imported into the system as a support ticket, what product/department/category the Ticket Email Account has been set up for (if applicable) and if newly opened tickets should be assigned to a specific handler. With these settings and many more available, Email Accounts can be customised to suit your specific needs as a company and provide your users with an easy method of contacting you without having to access your site.

We also provide an Email Trimming feature where you can easily add your own markers to split a message as required. This is useful as when an email is replied to, the original email text is usually included in the message which can sometimes cause the ticket to be cluttered, this feature can help to keep your support tickets neat and easy to read for all users. (Instructions for this are located at the bottom of the main Email Accounts page)

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Your Freestyle Software is excellent, and user friendly, will recommend all my Clients to purchase a Full Copy, your Support Ticket System is Well worth it Well done! keep up the good Work Regards
Ameer Cassim (South Africa) ameer @ 2010-07-02, 05:41
I can't believe this product is so far ahead of the others I researched! It's a great product, awesome value for money and adds a genuine business benefit. I try to add this to most of my sites. It's extremely customisable in terms of the … read more
eoin @ 2013-04-13, 16:46
This ticketing system is absolutely immense. It's so flexible that it offers for a variety of situations and the support has also been good throughout.

I have had absolutely no problems with this system and thoroughly recommend it. Eoin @ 2013-04-18, 19:32
Very happy with this purchase as it does just what we need for it to do. I had some issues that arose when upgrading to the latest version and the support team had the issues resolved for me within an hour. Thank you very much! k6614 @ 2013-04-13, 16:52
Hi, this is one of the best Ticketsystem I've ever seen. The early Joomla3.0 Support is also very nice Luap97 @ 2013-04-13, 16:56