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Knowledge Base - User setup and permissions

Please Note: This KB Article is written for the 1.x version of Freestyle Support Portal, and the names and layouts of the permissions is different for the 2.x releases.

To perform many of the administration activities for Freestyle Support on the frontend of your website, you will need to set up permissions on your users.

The activites that require permissions are:

  • Support Ticket administration
  • Moderation of KB Article and Announcement comments
  • Moderation of Testiomnials
  • Administration of Ticket Groups
  • Editiing of content (FAQs, KB Articles and Announcements)
To add permission to your user

Goto the Joomla Backend. Under ‘Components’ -> ‘Freestyle Support’ -> ‘Permissions’.


This screen lists an overview of what users have what permissions relating to Freestyle Support.


Once here, if you user is not listed, click the ‘Add’ button, otherwise select the user you wish to manage the permissions for.


On this screen you can change what permissions a user has. If you are adding a new user, then select the user you are adding in the ‘User’ field.


Content and Testimonial Moderation

If this option is selected, then the user will be able to moderation Knowledge base article comments, Announcement comments and testimonals.

Article Creation

You can set the permission that the user has regarding creating new content here. This permission applies to FAQs, KB Articles and Announcement. The options presented are:

  • None – The user will have no permissions to create or edit new articles
  • Author – The user can create new articles and edit their own articles. User is not allowed to published articles or edit anyone else’s articles.
  • Editor – Same as Author but the user is also able to edit other users articles. They are not allowed to publish articles.
  • Publisher – The user is allow to create, edit and publish/un-publish all articles.

Here you can specify what permissions the user has relating to what support activites then can perform. You can also specify if and which tickets are automatically assigned to this user.

  • Can Manage Suppoer Tickets - If this is checked, then the user is allowed access to the support administration pages.
  • Can only view own tickets – If this is checked then the user will only be able to view tickets that have been assigned to them, or tickets which have not yet been assigned.
  • Don’t auto assign tickets – If this is set, then the user will never be automatically assigned any tickets.
  • Support for which products – If this is set to no, then select a list of products that the user is assigned to support. The user will only be able to view unassigned tickets from the selection of products on this list. If the user is automatically assigned tickets, then they will only be assigned tickets for products which have been selected here.
  • Support for which departments Support for which categories – These options are the same as ‘Support for which products’ except that they apply to ‘Departments’ and ‘Categories’ respectively.

Ticket Group Admin

If this is selected then the user will be able to create and modify any ‘Ticket Groups’.


Applies To

Support Portal

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Great product and great people to manage tickets !
The support is very professionnal, and the product is easy to use.

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Fantastic product. The ticketed support system has helped me manage support requests effectively for my site. We have moved our documentation to the KB system, and the ratings have started to highlight where our documentation requires improvement. … read more
williamsharry @ 2013-04-13, 16:43
Your Freestyle Software is excellent, and user friendly, will recommend all my Clients to purchase a Full Copy, your Support Ticket System is Well worth it Well done! keep up the good Work Regards
Ameer Cassim (South Africa) ameer @ 2010-07-02, 05:41
Freestyle Support Portal is a simple component to install and configure in record time. Well designed and structured, it is easy to customize it, even for a non-developer like me. The online documentation and forum, as well as the simple and … read more
SengaB @ 2013-04-23, 19:37
This product is amazing, has all the features I need and fantastic support, great price too! Keep up the good work. Anthony @ 2010-06-29, 17:07