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Knowledge Base - New in Freestyle Support Portal v1.9

For a change log of changes made since the update, please see the link below


When using Joomla 1.6 upwards, the component can now be upgraded by just installing the new copy. No more need copy files via FTP for an upgrade.


A brand new comments system has been added to Freestyle Support.

  • Comments on Announcements as well as KB Articles
  • Custom fields on comment form
  • Customizable template for comment display
  • Ability to hide the email and website fields
  • Brand new moderation section for comments and testimonials

Front end content editing

FAQs, KB Articles and Announcements can now be edited on the website frontend. You can either specify per user permissions for this or use Joomlas built in permissions.

Knowledge Base

You can now have nested categories in the knowledge base. Freestyle Support also now support articles without a category.


The testimonials component has been completely rewritten with many new features.

  • Can now disable the email and website fields.
  • Customizable template for displaying testimonials both on a main page and within the module (allows the module testimonials to have different styling)
  • Brand new moderation section.
  • Custom fields can now be added to testimonial form
  • New testimonials module, including scrolling testimonial list

Support Tickets – User side

Several improvements have been made to the support ticket system on the user site. The process of replying to a ticket has been streamlined to be more efficient, and the ticket information can be displayed in multiple columns along with several other changes.

Users can now also have global custom fields that are shared over all that users tickets. This can be used to note information for a user that can be displayed with all their tickets.

Support Ticket User Groups

A new set of features have been created to allow groups of users to share tickets on a support portal. Each group has several permission options to allow the users to view, reply or close the tickets of other members. Group administrators can add new users in the group, and change the permissions of the existing members. Shared tickets can be set to email all users that the ticket is visible to when emails are send.

Tickets can also now have other users added to them on a per ticket basis. This allows a user to add in other users on a specific ticket.

Other Features

  • New support admin module listing number of open tickets etc, and what needs moderation
  • New built in captcha system can be used instead of ReCaptcha
  • Support Admin section is now linked to from the main freestyle menu if the logged in user has permission to perform and admin activities
  • Main freestyle menu now displays an admins number of open tickets and moderation to-do list (when an ticket handler or moderator is logged in)
  • Announcements have had their styling greatly improved
  • Ticket attachments are now also listed against the message they were posted with as well as at the bottom of the ticket
  • New icons for the main menu
  • Better bread crumb trail when sections don’t have their own joomla menu items

There are also many other smaller additions and bug fixes in this release (too many to list)

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Support Portal

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The freestyle support component has all the required features for great user/customer support.
It can also import products from Virtuemart but it did not work for me as I have installed Virtuemart2. I contacted the support team and answered very … read more
Eudetail @ 2013-04-13, 16:48
I have been using this component for sometime now and only thought it fair to offer a review.
The component is worth every penny they charge. I use everything except the testimonial section on my site, replacing numerous other components, this has … read more
Jeffk @ 2013-04-13, 16:53
This product is amazing, has all the features I need and fantastic support, great price too! Keep up the good work. Anthony @ 2010-06-29, 17:07
Freestyle Support Portal is a really complete and flexible product. Not expensive at all and with a reactive support.
My clients love using mine, and want the same for their companies ! Natacha @ 2013-09-12, 10:28
Great product and great people to manage tickets !
The support is very professionnal, and the product is easy to use.

And this product is living, improvemenst and updates are here ! Aymeric @ 2011-07-29, 04:25