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Knowledge Base - User Profile Custom Field Plugin

The user profile custom field plugin can be used to display various fields from the tickets users profile within the support ticket. The data is taken from the standard Joomla profile plugin.

Select the information you wish to display from the "Profile Field" dropdown box.

If you select 'Custom HTML Format' or 'Custom Text Format', enter the format you wish to display in the text area below the dropdown. Any of the entries below will be replaced by their values:

  • {email} => EMail
  • {username} => Username
  • {fullname} => Full Name
  • {aboutme} => About Me
  • {address1} => Address 1
  • {address2} => Address 2
  • {city} => City
  • {country} => Country
  • {dob} => Date of Birth
  • {favoritebook} => Favourite Book
  • {phone} => Phone
  • {postal_code} => Postcode / ZIP
  • {region} => Region
  • {website} => Website

For "Custom Text Format", the content will be output as text, each line separated by a <br />, and for "Custom HTML Format", the content will be output as entered.

Applies To

Support Portal

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This product is amazing, has all the features I need and fantastic support, great price too! Keep up the good work. Anthony @ 2010-06-29, 17:07
A excellent component, very well structured and easy to configure. This component meets all the conditions needed for my site. Akiles @ 2013-04-13, 16:52
Hi, this is one of the best Ticketsystem I've ever seen. The early Joomla3.0 Support is also very nice Luap97 @ 2013-04-13, 16:56
It's been a pleasure working with you fellas to provide the dutch translation. Thx for such a great extension Wim Vandekerckhove @ 2011-07-28, 20:17
Brilliant solution, nice interface & excellent support. Not far from being the ultimate support portal solution (& very cheap too). Thanks. dps @ 2013-04-13, 16:42