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Knowledge Base - SQL Custom Field Plugin

The SQL custom field will run a SQL statement, and display the result using the HTML template entered.

The SQL command will have certain variables replaced in it (listed below), and the first row passed to the HTML template.

  • {ticketid} - Ticket ID
  • {userid} - Ticket main user id
  • {reference} - Ticket reference
  • {ticket_status_id} - Status ID
  • {ticket_pri_id} - Priority ID
  • {ticket_cat_id} - Category ID
  • {ticket_dept_id} - Department ID
  • {prod_id} - Product ID
  • {admin_id} - Handler ID
  • {email} - Unregistered user email

Once the SQL has been run, the HTML template is parsed with the fields returned. All fields are replaced when surrounded by { }.

Example SQL:

SELECT * FROM #__users WHERE id = '{userid}'

Example Display:

<i>{userid}</i>: {name}, <b>{username}</b>

Any of the fields returned or variables from the SQL parse are available in the template.

Extra display fields available:

  • {reference} - Ticket Ref
  • {title} - Title
  • {opened} - Open date
  • {closed} - Close date
  • {status} - Status name
  • {color} - Status color
  • {assigned} - Handler name
  • {useremail} - Users EMail
  • {username} - Users name
  • {handleremail} - Handlers Email
  • {handlerusername} - Handlers username
  • {department} - Department name
  • {category} - Category name
  • {product} - Product name
  • {priority} - Priority name
  • {pricolor} - Priority color
  • {groupname} - Group name
  • {custom_X} - Custom field X
  • {custom_ALIAS} - Cusotm field with alias ALIAS
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Freestyle Support is the very first extension I purchased for our new Joomla website and I absolutely love it. It does everything it says and is very easy to use. We were so surprised to find a Support ticketing software that was so easy to use and … read more
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It's been a pleasure working with you fellas to provide the dutch translation. Thx for such a great extension Wim Vandekerckhove @ 2011-07-28, 20:17
Brilliant solution, nice interface & excellent support. Not far from being the ultimate support portal solution (& very cheap too). Thanks. dps @ 2013-04-13, 16:42
This ticketing system is absolutely immense. It's so flexible that it offers for a variety of situations and the support has also been good throughout.

I have had absolutely no problems with this system and thoroughly recommend it. Eoin @ 2013-04-18, 19:32
Freestyle Support Portal is a really complete and flexible product. Not expensive at all and with a reactive support.
My clients love using mine, and want the same for their companies ! Natacha @ 2013-09-12, 10:28