Awasome flash info Juluis MONTAVIER @ 2013-12-06, 16:30
I have been working with Free-Style for several months now. It would appear for some reason that my site just does not like their software. They have continually gone OUT OF THEIR WAY, above and BEYOND the call to help to help resolve all issues.

They are extremely pleasant to work with and very receptive to suggestions and ideas. I expect to be working with Freestyle for many years to come.

Thank You!!! Daniel Kempton @ 2013-08-24, 20:55
I have been using other testimonial plugins for 6 years and they were so complicated. Freestyle is the best, simplest testimonial component I have seen. I don't know if I will be able to use it on my site because it is interfering with two other site modules that use JQUERY... it just makes the other modules disappear. My programmer is trying to fix it. I just wanted to let you know... because this is a very nice piece of software and if we can fix it, I give it 2 thumbs up! Kelley McNeill @ 2013-08-16, 17:09
Great support and wonderful product line. Freestyle is one of the best we have ever encountered. We wish other developers were more like Freestyle. Degarrin @ 2013-07-31, 08:34
Great product. Just a little needed to adapt it to our needs and it works like a charm. A must have for people looking for a support component. Vaconi IT @ 2012-10-11, 12:28
Very nice and useful package with very good features which are very useful for giving support, especially for software products.
We just started with the free FAQs lite and now after the 1.9 release of the Support Portal we are quite happy with it and can't wait to launch our site to use it with our customers. :-) Jan Hübner @ 13:19
This is what all Joomla extensions should be: Useful, thought-through, out-of-the-box and intuitive. Thank you for this marvel. Christoffer Geijer @ 09-02, 02:22
Support Portal is a really complete and flexible product. Not expensive at all and with a reactive support.
My clients love using mine, and want the same for their companies ! Natacha @ 2013-09-12, 10:28
Support Portal is a simple component to install and configure in record time. Well designed and structured, it is easy to customize it, even for a non-developer like me. The online documentation and forum, as well as the simple and straightforward configuration are just perfect. High value at little cost. Highly recommended! SengaB @ 2013-04-23, 19:37
This ticketing system is absolutely immense. It's so flexible that it offers for a variety of situations and the support has also been good throughout.

I have had absolutely no problems with this system and thoroughly recommend it. Eoin @ 2013-04-18, 19:32
Hi, this is one of the best Ticketsystem I've ever seen. The early Joomla3.0 Support is also very nice Luap97 @ 2013-04-13, 16:56
I have been using this component for sometime now and only thought it fair to offer a review.
The component is worth every penny they charge. I use everything except the testimonial section on my site, replacing numerous other components, this has the benefits of having a uniform layout and only having to upgrade once.
I initially thought it maybe a jack of all trades, but its not, each component of the suite is as fully functional and in most cases more so than any stand alone component.
The support is good and suggestions are taken on board and implemented in a timely fashion.
I asked for a smart search plugin and was emailed within 48 hours with a link to the new install.
Buy with confidence Jeffk @ 2013-04-13, 16:53
Very happy with this purchase as it does just what we need for it to do. I had some issues that arose when upgrading to the latest version and the support team had the issues resolved for me within an hour. Thank you very much! k6614 @ 2013-04-13, 16:52
A excellent component, very well structured and easy to configure. This component meets all the conditions needed for my site. Akiles @ 2013-04-13, 16:52
Forgive the 5 stars when I don't use the entire product, but I felt compelled to offer praise for these: The Knowledge Base and FAQ.
The KB is fantastic, a great way to organize your content. Although the phrasing of some items is rather market-specific (the term "products" referring to what are basically articles), there's no fuss in using it. It's highly configurable but extremely simple to use. I, my managers, and our customers especially like the ability to accordion articles under categories, and to display your KB categories in rows / columns to more effeciently use screen space.
The same can be said of the FAQs. You can accordion the articles within a single category like in the KB. Just be aware that, if you are using Google Analytics, it will only track the category and not the individual FAQs, since they already "exist" in the page. For this reason we reverted to a standard list of articles, but that's no fault of Freestyle.
These two parts of Freestyle alone have helped us make a site our users love, and support requests are handled quickly and politely. A great extension! Dave Richards @ 2013-04-13, 16:51
Truly simple and easy to use extension with some nice features. The support is friendly and helpful. Freestyle states they are still evolving their features and will be adding new ones soon. Check the site often and if you use it, keep it updated. Overall, good experience and great quality especially for the money. Maguscorvin @ 2013-04-13, 16:49
The freestyle support component has all the required features for great user/customer support.
It can also import products from Virtuemart but it did not work for me as I have installed Virtuemart2. I contacted the support team and answered very promptly that they will update Freestyle Support quickly so it will integrated with VM2.
The template can be customized easily from the back end.
Tickets can be assigned by users, groups, languages,...
All in all a very very good component Eudetail @ 2013-04-13, 16:48
Very good extension. Its not classical support ticket, so can use for many things. Pava @ 2013-04-13, 16:48
Freestyle Support is the very first extension I purchased for our new Joomla website and I absolutely love it. It does everything it says and is very easy to use. We were so surprised to find a Support ticketing software that was so easy to use and so inexpensive. FANTASTIC Support!!! Once you get used to the time difference it is much easier to get the answers you need when you need them. damellio @ 2013-04-13, 16:47
I can't believe this product is so far ahead of the others I researched! It's a great product, awesome value for money and adds a genuine business benefit. I try to add this to most of my sites. It's extremely customisable in terms of the functionality and I found their support to be some of the best I've had. They seem to be improving the support too, which can only make it even better. Extremely satisfied customer! They have already taken some of my points on board and stated they'll make some available for the future, so I hope they'll keep working on this one too. Great work guys eoin @ 2013-04-13, 16:46
Fantastic product. The ticketed support system has helped me manage support requests effectively for my site. We have moved our documentation to the KB system, and the ratings have started to highlight where our documentation requires improvement. Fully open source, which is great as it has allowed me to make some customizations to accommodate my site. Would highly recommend! williamsharry @ 2013-04-13, 16:43
Brilliant solution, nice interface & excellent support. Not far from being the ultimate support portal solution (& very cheap too). Thanks. dps @ 2013-04-13, 16:42
This product does exactly what it says it does. Easy to install, use and administer. We discovered a very small issue when we were configuring the extension, submitted a ticket through their website (based on this product) and received not only a prompt reply but an amended version of the component was attached. Very highly recommended - this is the first JED review I have ever felt compelled to write despite downloading many extensions over the years. jbasketts @ 2013-04-13, 16:41
Great product and great people to manage tickets !
The support is very professionnal, and the product is easy to use.

And this product is living, improvemenst and updates are here ! Aymeric @ 04:25
It's been a pleasure working with you fellas to provide the dutch translation. Thx for such a great extension Wim Vandekerckhove @ 20:17
Freestyle FAQ is the best user friendly tool (esp. The backend) I have ever seen in Joomla! extensions kirup @ 02:42
This has got to be the greatest! Even your 'support' is great. I would/will recommend it to everyone.

How do you do so much for this price? Worxx @ 11:39
Your Freestyle Software is excellent, and user friendly, will recommend all my Clients to purchase a Full Copy, your Support Ticket System is Well worth it Well done! keep up the good Work Regards
Ameer Cassim (South Africa) ameer @ 07-02, 05:41
This product is amazing, has all the features I need and fantastic support, great price too! Keep up the good work. Anthony @ 06-29, 17:07
Support Portal provided me with a great professional support portal that really helped me and my customers. Anonymous @ 03-08, 11:54
Fine components with a great support, I recommend the products of Freestyle! And success! Carlos Souza @ 19:24
Easy to install, great support as I hadneed help with a couple of things.. Highly recommend. Thank you for this excellent addition to my website Calderwood @ 2013-04-13, 17:19
This is a good extension especially simple to install and use, the icons for category display is very nice and i can upload my own icons too. Very good addition to my site. Never knew FAQ could look good. Thank you, keep up the good work. Nidhul @ 2013-04-13, 17:19
I think this is the best FAQ tool. albrechtino @ 2013-04-13, 17:18
I need a user manual for my staff. This excellent and easy to set up and use extension does the job.
Small problem displaying in Firefox but works first class in IE and Chrome.
I recommend you try this - you will not be disappointed. ChristopherO @ 2013-04-13, 17:18
I wanted to add a "Q&A;" entry to my main menu and have this "Q&A;" section categorized.
I'm not a total beginner with J! but I'm surely not a pro. So I naturally had no problem installing this extension.
The problem usually arises when you want to integrate it to your site (Took me 5 minutes) or to configure the extension (took me 30 minutes). The great thing about it that it did exactly what I expected it to do.
One more nice thing about FreeStyle FAQ - it has a simple built in BU/Upload system so.
Thank you guys! Shaull @ 2013-04-13, 17:17
Light but with all the stuff you need!
It's the best module of this kind I know Stellacadente @ 2013-04-13, 17:15
Thumbs up for this simple and very elegant component to display FAQs on your website! Danmano78 @ 2013-04-13, 17:12
Seriously - it could not be much better. I have been looking for a FAQ component for my site and in this extension I found much more than I was hoping for - and this all for free!
The tool is pretty simple to use and has some clever features. You can also backup and restore your FAQ database, which is useful.
I highly recommend this to anyone - stop searching, just install this extension and you will be amazed.
@devs: Keep up your good work! Thanks! salzkrabbe @ 2013-04-13, 17:11
I have used Freestyle FAQ for my Joomla 1.5 site and now using it for 2.5 since I upgraded and it works great. Simple, yet stylish and functionality is great. j-joseph @ 2013-04-13, 17:10
Truly one of the best extension I ever used. Shyana @ 2013-04-13, 17:09
I have used Freestyle FAQs on a couple of site. One for a photography company and another for a real estate company. It is an excellent tool and does exactly what it says it will do. Had one problem with an a javascript module included in the template. Support was quick and gave me the info I needed to solve the issue quickly. Highly recommend this extension. jivy59 @ 2013-04-13, 17:08
This is a fantastic highly configurable FAQ extension that's easy to use and works right out of the box. If you are looking for a great FAQ extension for your website you can't go wrong with Freestyle FAQs moosh101 @ 2013-04-13, 17:08
A nice tool to implement FAQ to your website. Thank you! gabrielfeinstoff @ 2013-04-13, 17:07
This is a great and simple Extension. Many Thanks for your work! Obi66 @ 2013-04-13, 17:06
This is a great extension! Easy to use and it has a search form and categories for large FAQ. mxxml1 @ 2013-04-13, 17:06
I tried out this extension and I hit myself in the head after installing it.
Why didn't I try this one before. Install, modify, done. Very intuitive interface and lots of options for customizing.
I started talking with developer about something not related and he immediately was very eager to help out!
No remarks what so ever. IF I have to note one thing: the developer could add a front-end adding for this extension. Nevertheless, this extension should get a "Beyond-Excellent" rating, as does the developer. I've added his site and extensions to my favourites. Looking forward to seeing more extensions! Edlothiad @ 2013-04-13, 17:05
This was the third one I tried and is by far the most functional FAQ. worked with out problems so far!
top features: component with option to hide credits and several ways to display your answers
Used on: 1.7 Pavlo @ 2013-04-13, 17:04
This is an awesome module! So easy to use right out of the box. If you need a quick and easy way to display FAQs - this is it! You won't be disappointed. Starstate @ 2013-04-13, 17:03
This is the first, and only FAQ component I tried with Joomla! I loved it from the start. The design is sleek and the component works out of the box. Highly commended component for easy FAQ integration. + for the FAQ icon feature as well. blebon @ 2013-04-13, 17:01
Great component! We use it on all our sites. Jos @ 12-06, 05:14
Awesome.................. Mahender @ 2013-05-11, 22:18
Thank you for a wonderful component. It really does the job well. Plus, being able to put different testimonials on specific pages... magic! Thanks again. magicdoug @ 2013-04-13, 17:40
Very simple, light, clean, does what it says. Thanks to the developer for share it for free, very useful. Klessk @ 2013-04-13, 17:39
I'm using this testimonial extension on a website I'm building for a baby boutique. I needed a simple form to collect feedback from customers, so that they can tell about the products they bought & their experience with the boutique. It took a long time to sift through the available Joomla extensions and to find one that is easy to use. I tried a few before I found the one I wanted... Freestyle Testimonials!

This is a wonderful (and easy!) extension to use, which collects my website's user comments about the products for sale---or anything that the customer wishes to write about the business. This will provide real, honest reviews to other potential customers who are browsing the website. What I especially like about this extension is that it can be displayed in a module on any page, to showcase a random testimonial, and the user can click on a link to see the rest of the reviews on a full page & add their own testimonial.

I love the moderation feature! There is an area in your Components where you can accept, decline, and edit the testimonials that are submitted.

Overall, this extension is wonderful! It works simple enough for anyone to understand, but it also comes with plenty capabilities for the more experienced users. Tarissa @ 2013-04-13, 17:32
I have been looking for a customer review plug-in for a couple of weeks. I have tried others, but they just weren't what I was looking for, either to many options or just not enough. But these guys have nailed it, simple, nice design, functional, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to set it up. Great Work! darrenr @ 2013-04-13, 17:32
I needed a testimonials module/component for a client's website running 2.5 and this has worked beautifully. 2-Thumbs Up for the developers and all their hard work! Will definitely be using this for future builds! steevnc @ 2013-04-13, 17:31
The only thing I needed to change was removing the date from the testimonial filed and Adam responded to my ticket right away. This is perfect for what I need. cspgsl @ 2013-04-13, 17:29
Great component. Does exactly what I needed. Had a few minor issues (mostly layout and formatting), but support sorted that out fast and efficiently. Thanks Weasel69 @ 2013-04-13, 17:28
Just installed the app and it works just like the developers said it would. Installed without a hitch and was up and running in no time at all. itmayday @ 2013-04-13, 17:25
This extension does what it says it does. It was super simple to setup. They really subscribe to the K.I.S.S. theory Keep It Simple Silly. this is one I would pay for. You can see it work on my website www.petethenerd.com pdsherman @ 2013-04-13, 17:22
The extension is easy to install. Problems with adding admin user have been processed and solved immediately by the developer. Good job - thanks! Grilli @ 2013-04-13, 17:20
You have great free Testimonials component Mohammed @ 12-25, 20:42
WOW, just an absolute solution to an never-ending problem I have had for a few years. Translation Manager is the only component that actually performs what ALL admin components should provide. Simplifying the Job of the Administration. All other components I have used in the past would take me several weeks time to translate my files. I completed all my files in less than 1 hour using Translation Manager. Translation Manager features many new and essentials capabilities that literally subtracts hours of work and multiple routine tasks. This product is my #1 must have extension for any site. Not only is it worth the money its sold for...it would still be worth the price at $50. Well done FreeStyle team. Your willingness to listen and your hands on approach is far and above a new standard that all Joomla Developers should adhere to. Your team is the new standard of development, readying to establish newer challenges for everyone else. Voice4Vision @ 07:00

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