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Support Portal Additions Package

Updated on: Wednesday, 17 11:23

Install the Support Portal Additions package to add extra features to your support portal install. Currently this contains:

  • Advanced form based canned reply system - Allow custom forms to be created for the entering and creating of a canned reply
  • Custom Report Builder - Nice web interface to allow building of list ticket reports with your custom fields available. Also allows full customzation of the report output.


Updated on: Tuesday, 25 14:06

Custom Fields

Updated on: Monday, 22 10:03


Updated on: Monday, 22 10:03

mod_imap alternate files

Updated on: Monday, 22 10:03
Please only download and use this if instructed to by Freestyle Joomla staff.

FaLang / JoomFish Plugin

Updated on: Monday, 22 10:03