Freestyle FAQs Pro v3 Preview

We have a preview version of our new FAQs Pro v3 component available to our Support Portal users. You can download the preview in the downloads section.

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Download Information:

Preview release of our new FAQs Pro v3 component.

This is a BETA release, and may have some issues. Please let us know any feedback for this release.

Stiil to be added:

  • Related FAQs / Items
  • Import / Export Templates
  • Frontend Content Editing
  • Import / Export Data
  • Import FAQs Lite and Freestyle Support FAQs data

Support Portal v2.1 Released

We have now released v2.1 of Support Portal. It can be found in our downloads section.

Major new features include:

  • Ticket merging
  • Related tickets
  • Out of Office system
  • Admin CC system
  • Improved time tracking
  • Optional simplified user ticket view
  • Improved email import system

There are many other great changes and additions. You can view the complete list of changes with the download.


Freestyle Support v2.1 updates 2

We had hoped to have the v2.1 version released today, but testing has found some issues with the new user and admin cc system, along with a couple of other issues that are taking a bit longer than expected to fix.

The new version should be available early next week. Hopefully things will be done by Monday or Tuesday.

Sorry for the delays.

Just a quick preview of what has been added to v2.1:

+ Announcements : RSS Feed
+ Content Edit (Frontend) : If language switcher is disabled, then do not show language filters and edit fields
+ Content Edit (Frontend) : KB Categories now show nesting when being displayed
+ General : Better cron description and help text. Now shows exact crontab entry required.
+ General : Option to change lost password link
+ General : Option to change lost username link
+ General : Option to have page headers outside the main fss_main div, allows headers to be modified by bootstrap styles on non bootstrap templates
+ General : Tooltips now no longer flicker on some templates
+ Glossary : If Long desc is set to be shown on a new page, the highlighted words now link to the single page entry
+ Glossary : New option to limit maximum times each phrase can be highlighted in a page
+ Glossary : New option to show a "Read More" info text on tooltips
+ KB : KB Categories now show nesting when being displayed within the admin pages
+ Option to replace built in comments for KB Articles and Announcements with JComments 
+ Ticket Admin : Advanced search user name input now has dynamic dropdown with search 
+ Ticket Admin : Batch actions now work correctly when full row clicking enable on ticket list
+ Ticket Admin : Better information when a handler does not have permission to view a ticket (no longer says ticket not found)
+ Ticket Admin : Can now cc admins to a ticket, so they will be able to access the ticket and recieve email notifications
+ Ticket Admin : Can now manage the users who have been cc'd on each ticket
+ Ticket Admin : Can now view and download attachments when replying to a ticket
+ Ticket Admin : Improved auto assign options. Can now assign on create ticket, open ticket or reply to ticket
+ Ticket Admin : In ticket list, auto refresh now also updates counts in the tabs as well as the ticket list
+ Ticket Admin : New handlers page - display a list of your handers and what tickets they have open. Filter list by product / department / category
+ Ticket EMails : Batch approve and deny imported emails
+ Ticket EMails : Can allow only ticket replies option (will skip importing new tickets from email account)
+ Ticket EMails : Notification on email pending approval to admins
+ Ticket EMails : Option to only require approval when importing emails from non registered users
+ Ticket EMails : View button on accepted ticket in emails tab
+ Tickets : Allow multiple columns on ticket info for users
+ Tickets : New default priority option
+ Tickets : Option for simplified user ticket list (allows hiding of tabs, search etc)
+ Tickets : Related tickets
+ Tickets : Search my tickets (user side) now searches ticket reference
Tickets : Simplified ticket view for user (allows hiding of most elements)
Tickets : Tickets can now be merged together
+ Tickets Module : Option to only list current handlers tickets
+ Tickets Module : Option to show archived statuss
+ Tickets Module : Option to show closed statuss
+ Time Tracking : Can now remove time from a ticket
+ Time Tracking : Option : The note when using Add Time can now be set as required
+ Time Tracking : When time is added using the Add Time, the note entered and time will be displayed alongside the ticket messages
+ Time Tracking : When time is added with a message, the time added is now shown beside the message
+ WYSIWYG Editor : Add option to change toolbar theme to one of 6
+ WYSIWYG Editor : Option to have transparent contents so background of site can been seen through editor. Also added a 'dark' mode with dark templates with light text
# Announcements : Comments were still visible when ACL prevented viewing of the announcement
# General : Admin edit boxes are now the full page width
# General : Bootstrap is always included on Joomla 2.5 admin pages now
# General : Fix update issue with upper case table prefix on Joomla 3.2 or above
# General : Misc HTML adjustments and improvements
# Glossary : Save button no longer redirects to main menu after saving
# Smart Search : Plugins now fully supports the ACL system
# Ticket Admin : Emails to all handlers - for unassigend tickets now works correctly
# Ticket Admin : Forward tickets to other product or department with auto assign disabled now notifies all admins if configure to 
# Ticket Admin : List auto refresh no longer causes styling issues when list is refreshed
# Tickets : Can no longer change status while entering a reply. Stops reply being lost.
# Tickets : Combined status now properly displayed to users
# Tickets : User status name overrides now are displayed everywhere

New versions released

New versions of the following components have been releases:

  • Freestyle Includes: Code
  • Freestyle Includes: Data
  • Freestyle Includes: Fragments
  • Freestyle Notices
  • Freestyle Translation Manager

These new releases have no new features, just some bug fixes relating to updating from older version. Also, the white screen errors that some users are getting with Notices has been resolved.

The updates can be found in the downloads section on our site.


Support Portal Available

Change Log for 'Support Portal':
    • Fix issue with login redirects being incorrect

    Freestyle Support v2.1 updates

    We have spent the last week working on v2.1 of Support Portal. Lots of new features have been added so far, and here is a quick preview of some of the things that have been added:

    • Improved time tracking and display
    • Intergation with JComments
    • WYSIWYG Editor styling options
    • Ticket merging
    • Print multiple tickets at once

    Some of the things that will get added (many more on our list too):

    • Announcements email notifications
    • FAQs, KB and Announcement RSS Feeds
    • Unregistered user ticket captacha
    • Ticket handler out of office system (forward all assigned tickets etc)
    • Glossary authors
    • Related tickets
    • Improved email import of tickets
    • API examples
    • Simple open ticket form (eg, for use as a quick "Contact Us" form)
    Hopefully all of these features will make the v2.1 release, but if they dont, v2.2 will follow soon afterwards. The plan is to release v2.1 in a few weeks time, with whatever features are complete by then, and the rest will get added to v2.2 etc.


    Freestyle Joomla Development Team


    Support Portal v2.0.11.1828 available

    Change Log for 'Support Portal':
    • Fix stray debug info being displayed with ticket messages

    Support Portal v2.0.10.1822 available

    A new version of Freestye Support Portal has been publisehd in our downloads section.

    Change Log for 'Support Portal':
      • Fix issue with unregistered users not being able to reply when certain settings are enabled
      • Ticket WYSIWYG editor will no longer display its toolbar when on a phone making text far easier to enter
      • For user ticket display, added classes to each message to denote the message sender
      • Fixes to complex links in the bbcode parser (ones with = and [ ] in them) not being parsed and displayed correctly
      • "Ticket permissions" section for user groups should now work correctly

      New versions released

      New version of the following components have been released:

      • Includes: Code - v1.3.0.1816
      • Includes: Fragments - v1.3.0.1816
      • Includes: Data - v2.2.0.1816
      • Notices - v1.3.0.1816
      • Translation Manager - v3.0.0.1816

      The new releases can be found in our downloads section.

      All of these new version use a new core library that may cause problems with older versions of these components. If you have more than one of them installed on your site, please update all at the same time to avoid errors and various issues that may occur.

      If there are any problems, please open a support ticket and we will provide a fixed version for you to use. Usually a fix will be provided within 24 hours.


      Freestyle Joomla


      Support Portal v2.0.8.1815 available

      A new version of Freestye Support Portal has been publisehd in our downloads section.

      The Changelog is as follows:
      • New reporting options for grouping and totals
      • Unregistered ticket notification emails now contain a link direct to the ticket instead of requiring password and email
      • Fix time taken popup on certain tempalates
      • Fix modals on some gantry derived tempaltes with odd z-index settings
      • Fix utf-8 characters in draft replys
      • Pagination on adding users to groups on backend works correctly now
      • Saving ticket permissions for groups now works correctly.
      • Confirm imported tickets from email can now be correctly disabled
      • Reports exported to CSV now display UTF-8 correctly
      • Fixed test dates button in settings to take into account the current timezone setting
      • KB Accordion now works correctly with 3 layers or more of nested categories
      • Experimental multi column faq category responsive layout

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