15 November 2017

Support Portal

Version of Support Portal includes:

  • New EMail Notifications - Extras plugin to send notifications when custom fields are changed.
  • Option to search non latin style languages (such as chinese or japanese) text within tickets correctly.
  • Profile CF plugin - New source - Joomla linked contact
  • Block bots from accessing the ticket system in case of badly configured permissions
  • Show permission preview on main admin permissions page
  • Insert canned reply menu changed to popup when on mobile device
  • Insert canned can now be set to popup always
  • New GUI Plugin for sending a ticket to an email address
  • Fix issue with hiding super users from handler select dropdowns
  • Fix User Reply to User email notification not passing subject and body to template correctly ("EMail Notifications - Extras" plugin)


15 November 2017

Support Portal Fix

Version is:

  • A new fix for the cron not running correctly has now been released!
15 November 2017

New Version of Support Portal!

A new version of Support Portal is now available, version has new features and fixes that include:

  • Add redirect to admin message when a handler is viewing a ticket in user side interface
  • If handler views a ticket in user area, redirect to correct admin location automatically
  • Form replies : Added option to change ticket status on posting
  • Allow WYSIWYG editor pasting to be customized - Can now paste raw, filtered, plain text or disable for both users and admins
  • Support pasting of images from Chrome and IE (Firefox was supported for this before). Should also work in Opera and Safari but untested at moment.
  • Fixes to custom fields not always showing correctly in ticket lists and as part of a custom format subject
  • Fixes to plugin interface on Joomla 2.5
  • Stop blank message being added when no reply entered.
  • Fix my settings bug having incorrect reply action setting first time settings are viewed
  • Ticket EMail Account test function was broken

This can be found in our downloads section!

14 April 2015

Support Portal Additions available

A new support portal addon component has been published at

It adds some new features to an existing install of Freestyle Support Portal. Currently the following additions are available:

  • Advanced form based canned reply system - Allow custom forms to be created for the entering and creating of a canned reply
  • Custom Report Builder - Nice web interface to allow building of list ticket reports with your custom fields available. Also allows full customzation of the report output.

This is intended to add new features that are of a more experiment nature, the we dont really want to include in the core package. We will be adding more to the additions bundle soon. Hopefully the next addition will be timed tasks for support ticket, such sending an email when a ticket has been a certain status for 3 days etc.

14 April 2015

Support Portal 2.4 available

We have published a new version of Support Portal, v2.4.0.1995. The change log is listed below.
  • New "Support Portal Additions" package. Install this to add additonal features to the component
  • Ticket List report builder - build your custom ticket list reports with whatever fields you require
  • Form based canned replies - new form based canned reply system for creating your own tepmplated canned replies
  • Google map / address selection custom field plugin
  • New plugin interface for configuring and enabling Freestyle Support Plugins
  • Option to send an auto login code withing the email links for both users and admin
  • Restricted domain list for openeing unregistered tickets
  • Google map / address custom field plugin
  • Fix ticket list per page settings sometimes not applying until logging out and back in
  • Fix combo custom field options not storing order correctly sometimes
  • Stop Bootstrap 3 fixes from being loaded in the admin interface
  • Fix jomSocial custom field profile display
  • Easy social social custom field profile display
14 April 2015

Includes: Code - Scheduled Code

A new version of Includes: Code has been released. It can now run a code fragment on a schedule.


+ New scheduled code system - run code on a scheduled interval

14 April 2015

SQL Manager - Scheduled SQL

A new version of SQL Manager has been released with the ability to run a set of SQL commands at a scheduled interval. This can be used to automate any of your database tasks on your site.


+ New scheduled code system - run code on a scheduled interval

25 March 2015

Freestyle SQL Manager Launched

Freestyle SQL manager is an admin tool for managing your sites database.

It is a simplified phpMyAdmin style interface that works straight from your Joomla administration interface.

The Lite version provides basic table browsing and SQL running, where as the Pro version provides inline editing of the data in your table, along with extra such as saved sql commands, import and export, csv export and much more!

Coming Soon: Edit table structure, including adding, editing and removing fields, along with creating, editing and removing indexes.


28 October 2014

New FAQs v3 Demo Site

FAQv v3 now has a demo available. View this at

The personal demo now has FAQs v3 installed, and some sample demo will be added soon. The personal demo can be found at

26 September 2014

Support Portal v2.2 is now available

We have now released v2.2 of Freestyle Support Portal. It can be found in our downloads section.

The changelog for this release is listed below.

+ Can now delete ticket messages
+ Ticket list auto refresh will now refresh counts in tabs when viewing a ticket (admin only)
+ Added warning when running on php 5.2 or below - component needs 5.3 or greater to function
+ Warning message when posting admin reply with missing message
+ Can now assign tickets with no matching handlers to a fallback hander
+ Option to allow super users to be completely hidden from handler selects
+ Community builder custom field plugin
+ Can now search custom fields in ticket admin
+ Per user custom fields can now be searched
+ Can now hide custom fields from registered users, unregistered user or admins
+ Warnings when set up as default menu item
+ Warning on page when jQuery libraries are overwritten by another component
+ Better labelled permissions entries
+ Hide permissions not relevant depending on what is selected
+ Adding handler to unassigned ticket will assign that handler to the ticket
+ Show canned replies when opening a ticket for a user
+ When opening a ticket for a user, attachments are now sent in the notification email
+ Added totals row to most reports in system
+ Highliht messages from email imports
+ Read more button on truncated testimonials to display rest of text
+ Can add an email address as a ticket cc
+ Batch printing of tickets
+ Insert Site Links now plugin based, so can include content from any part of your system. Plugins for joomla article, FAQ and KB Article are included
+ Files in views/view/snippet folder can now have template overrides with the prefix snippet. Eg override components\com_fss\views\admin_support\snippet\_ticket_info.php with templates\TEMPLATE\html\com_fss\admin_support\snippet_ticket_info.php
+ Can now view password for unregistered tickets on admin interface
+ User ticket search now searches custom fields
+ Bootstrap 3 compatible vastly improved
+ When opening a ticket for a user, a note is added detailing the admin who opened the ticket
+ FAQs and KB Articles modules can now be paginated
+ Ticket time can be entered as start and end times
+ User profile and Community Builder Profile field plugins can now be searched
+ User ticket search will also search custom fields
+ Select user form - searching will now search per user custom fields for that user as well as name, username and email
# Fixes when checking emails with Re[2]:
# Fix support for pasted images in support messages
# Fix "Check All" when adding users to a group
# Fix issues with | in ticket messages from not displaying correctly
# HTML content in emails now sent correctly
# Fix issues with pagination on "My Tickets" links
# Several fixes and tweaks to ticket search
# Hidden categories with alt category selection enabled stopping ticket from being opened
# Fixed issue with required custom field but not being displayed stopping ticket from being opened
# Enter an advanced search field now properly submits advanced search instead of basic search
# User posting a file to a ticket with no message will now trigger notification email and status updates
# Fix missing attachment name when posted as an unregistered user
# When changing product or department of a ticket, option to keep existing handler
# Fix encoding issues with editing ticket messages
# Fix long KB Article printing issues
# Fix translation for x days ago etc
# Fix bug with testimonials product dropdown not being displayed correctly sometimes

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