Freestyle Includes: Data

Freestyle Includes: Data

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The incredibly useful content plugin!

Freestyle Includes: Data is a content plugin which allows you to create a template for displaying data in your website. This could be a list or set of tables and include images, its really up to you! Create the template you like and use throughout your website without having to define your layout each time. 

This time saving component will quickly become your new best friend when creating or editing Joomla! websites - trust us, we love it! A significant proportion of our website was created using Includes: Data - what you are reading now and some of the sections below. 


For basic use
All features and support
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Simple Data Entry
Define your table based on the data you wish to store and display. Define as many tables and sets of data as you like
Multiple Fields and Types
Your data can contain as many fields as you require, each field can store it's own type of data e.g. text, HTML, checkbox etc.
WYSIWYG Template Editor
Define the template you wish to use for data display using the Joomla! built in WYSIWYG editor
Unrestricted Data Display
List your data anywhere on your site using the templates you have created by including the shortcut listed 
SQL based data sets
Instead of defining fields in your data, you can use an SQL query to select data to display
Full smarty template support
Allows the creation of highly flexible templates that vary according to the data and parameters passed
Extra tag support
$first, $last, $odd, $even and others
Language and ACL support
Filter the data displayed based on your website's language and your user's access levels
Extra field types
Choose an image to include
Allow single item output
Output your template with a single data row
External SQL Data
Gather data for display from an external database, even non MySQL ones!
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Technical Info

Freestyle Includes: Data Technical Requirements

Freestyle Includes: Data has the following technical requirements:

  • Joomla 3.5 and above
  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • MySQL 5.x

Please ensure that you have the most current version of your copy of Joomla installed. Our components and extensions are developed and tested only with the most recent versions of Joomla.


The following pricing plans are available:

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Option 2 USD 29.99 Unlimited Domains 6 Months Support and Upgrades Buy Now
Option 3 USD 74.99 Unlimited Domains Lifetime Support and Upgrades Buy Now

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Fine components with a great support, I recommend the products of Freestyle! And success! Carlos Souza @ 19:24