Freestyle Translation Manager

Freestyle Translation Manager

Only 14.99 USD

Easily translate Joomla components

Translation Manager enables easy translation of components and modules on your site to different languages. It also allows you to modify the English language text on your site.

Google Translate can be used to automatically translate your ini file either as a whole or a phrase at a time save you time!

Translate and edit any ini files on your site, even though tucked away in component, plugin and module folders.


For basic use
All features and support
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Translation Overview
Displays an overview of all translations on your site and their progress
Automatic Translaitons
Use Yandex Translations to automatically translate the phrases in your ini files. For a list of available languages see here.
Create Translations
Easily create your own translation for components and modules installed on your site
Edit and Update Translations
Quickly edit and update existing translations
Translate admin and site
Edit both frontend and backend ini file on your Joomla site
Translate ini files in any folder
Search all component, module, template and plugin folders for extra ini files outside the usual languages folder
Translation States
Allows translations to be saved unpublished
Phrase Filtering
Easily highlight untranslated phrases
Package translations into an installable zip file
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Technical Info

Freestyle Translation Manager Technical Requirements

Freestyle Translation Manager has the following technical requirements:

  • Joomla 3.5 and above
  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • MySQL 5.x

Please ensure that you have the most current version of your copy of Joomla installed. Our components and extensions are developed and tested only with the most recent versions of Joomla.


The following pricing plans are available:

Option Price Domains Upgrades  
Option 1 USD 14.99 Single Domain 12 Months Support and Upgrades Buy Now
Option 2 USD 29.99 Unlimited Domains 6 Months Support and Upgrades Buy Now
Option 3 USD 74.99 Unlimited Domains Lifetime Support and Upgrades Buy Now

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WOW, just an absolute solution to an never-ending problem I have had for a few years. Translation Manager is the only component that actually performs what ALL admin components should provide. Simplifying the Job of the Administration. All other … read more
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