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Support Portal Demo

Support Portal

The ultimate help desk component!

A fully customizable ticketed support system offering comprehensive components to manage your website. From integrated email ticketing and FAQs to testimonials and a custom field system, this product can be adapted easily to fit your website and your business to offer your customers an excellent service.

The demo site is currently running Support Portal v2.4.2.2009

Please use the menu on the left hand side to select which part of the system you would like to see a demo of.

Joomla Backend Demo

Freestyle Joomla now offers personal demo sites with full admin access so you can fully try out components. To visit your personal demo site, please use the button below.

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EMail Integration

We have set up this demo to have basic email integration enabled.

By sending an email to you can open a support ticket. To prevent abuse the Approval system is enabled. Any emails that will open a new ticket we be presented in the "EMails" tab of the support admin section. Here they require the "Approve" button to be used to add them as tickets. Any replies to a ticket notification email will automatically be added when the account is checked.

The email account is checked every 5 minutes so there may be a small delay in your email being added to the emails tab.

Support Portal Logins

The following logins are available for testing the Support Portal System:

Username Password Description
user user General user account. Can view their own tickets, and all content on the site.
support support Support Admin account. Has permissions to edit content, manage tickets and moderate comments